Facts about Getting Flu Shot

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Facts about Getting Flu Shot
Season flu, a serious disease that should never be taken for granted, causes illness, hospitalizations, and even
numerous deaths every year in the United States. Influenza can cause serious complications to young children
and to elderly people such as pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus, ear infections and other existing health conditions
that may be triggered. As a result, a yearly influenza vaccine is recommended for people to be protected
against the complications of having flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends
that everyone who is 6 month of age and above should get an annual vaccine against influenza.
Flu shot is a kind of influenza vaccine that is usually given to the upper arm muscle of an adult using a needle.
Here are the facts about flu shot to help us understand its importance in maintaining and securing well-being:
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There is a two-week-period to build immunity upon getting a flu shot. However, you can get benefit from it even
if you get it until after the flu season begins.
The flu shot is highly recommended for people at high risk having complications from influenza such as young
children, pregnant women and seniors.
However, there are persons who need to check with their doctors if they can get the flu shot considering the risk
it may cause. These are persons who are allergic to eggs and had severe reaction to a prior flu vaccine. Special
precautions are needed to be undertaken to ensure safety.
Probable mild side effects of getting flu shot include soreness, redness, and swelling at the injected skin, fainting
(common to adolescents), headaches, fever and nausea.
Probable severe side effects of getting flu shot include difficulty breathing, hoarseness, swelling around the eyes
or lips, hives, paleness, weakness, increase heartbeat, dizziness, behavior changes and high fever. If any of the
afore-mentioned severe side effects are experienced, seek medical help right away.
Types of Flu Shot
Traditional flu shot or also called trivalent vaccine is made to protect any person from three different flu
viruses. There are several trivalent flu shots that are available such as:
Standard dose trivalent flu shots, which are manufactured using virus grown in eggs are approved for 6 months
old and above people.
For people who are 18 years old and above, a standard dose of trivalent flu shot, which has virus grown in cell
culture are approved.
For people who are 18 years old up to 49 years of age, an egg-free standard dose trivalent flu shot is approved.
For 65 years of age and above, a high dose trivalent flu shot is advisable.
A standard dose intradermal trivalent flu shot that injected into the skin can be given to people who are 18 years
of age up to 64 years of age.
For this season, quadrivalent flu shots are now available to protect against four different flu viruses.
A standard dose quadrivalent flu shot
Nasal spray of a standard dose quadrivalent flu vaccine for people who don’t have any medical conditions that
can be triggered by having influenza, ages from 2 up to 49 years.
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