Facts On Fort Worth Syphilis

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Facts On Fort Worth Syphilis:-
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the spirochete Treponema
pallidum. It is a complex disease with protean variations that can mimic many common
infections or illnesses. Syphilis can also be passed from an infected mother to her
unborn child. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that was rare in
Canada five years ago. However, infection rates are now on the rise.
Syphilis is spread from person to person through direct contact with syphilis ulcers or
the rash it causes. The ulcers mainly occur on the external genitals, vagina, anus, or in
the rectum, but they can also occur on the lips and in the mouth.
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Syphilis is a disease that was close to being eliminated as a public health threat less than
a decade ago. Over the past decade, it has increased and remains a serious threat to the
health. Syphilis is easily treated in the first stage with basic antibiotics but gets
increasingly more difficult the longer you wait. After waiting more than a year many
doses of antibiotics will have to be taken to cure Syphilis and even more problems occur
with curing this bacterium if you wait any longer.
Syphilis would remain a significant social and medical problem through the mid-20th
century. Syphilis infection occurs more common in women between the ages of 20 and
39 and in men between the ages of 35 to 39; slightly more men than women are affected.
accounted for about 65% of the new cases reported in 2007. Syphilis may cause birth
defects. Doctors/clinics usually do a syphilis test at the first visit of every pregnant
Syphilis, a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Treponema pallidum , can be
readily diagnosed by serologic methods. Serologic assays used to screen patients for
syphilis are nontreponemal tests.
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection. Without treatment, it can cause various
symptoms and problems over many years. Syphilis is highly contagious during this first
stage. Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss because the chancres are painless and can
appear in areas that may not be easy to see, like in the mouth, under the foreskin, or on
the anus.
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