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I'm Guilty Of It; Giving
Nutrition Advice Such As:

Eat Food That Your Grandmother
Would Recognize.
Eat Real Food
Stick To The Perimeter Of The
Grocery Store
If It Doesn't Run, Fly Or Swim - Or
Grown In Nature, Don't Eat It.
It's Easy To Simplify Healthy Eating
Into Soundbites, But The Truth Is
Every Human Being Is Different,
Emotional, And Has Been Through

Different Experiences, Affecting
Their Relationship With Food.
Every Diet System Is Going To Stop
Working At Some Point.
No Matter How Great It Seems
Initially, That Diet Will Fail
Because We Are Emotional And
Need To Be Able To Troubleshoot,
Through Circumstances In Order
To Achieve Our Desired Outcome
And Break The Bondage Of Bad

And When The Diet Fails, Your Next
Step Is Crucial.
In This Guide, I'll Help You Figure
Out How To Get Started When Your
Diet Feels Broken.
I'll Also Share Exactly How We
Troubleshoot Nutrition Plans When
"They've Just Stopped Working".
And Then I'll Teach You How To Do
It All Yourself By Setting Up A
Framework For You.

I Am Going To Show You How The 3
Step Skinny Solution Works, But
First, Let's Review The Three Step.
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