FBReveal and Five Dollar Work - Internet Advertising Made Easy

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FBReveal and Five Dollar Work - Internet Advertising
Made Easy

The business owners of the world are a very busy group of people. These are the
people that spend huge amounts of time planning out the future of their companies
from top to bottom. It is even worse for the small to mid-size business owners because
they have less time to devote just to planning and fewer avenues to make those plans
a reality. This lack of time to plan and ways to do what comes out of those planning
sessions can lead to loads of stress and possibly even to the downfall of the entire
business. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get all of these things

With that being said, there is a way that business owners can get the help that they
need. A huge market has appeared on the internet offering to do a wide array of tasks
for the hurried business owner at very affordable prices. This is a godsend since many
of these owners are either too busy working on regular day-to-day tasks to get to
spend the necessary time to make promo material or they lack the knowledge to do
it themselves in a timely manner. The current economic times does not give today's
business owner the extra time to spend learning his or her way through the creation of
online advertising or just the basic time that it takes to create it.

It is into this arena that two sites have moved in and are showing the rest of the their
competition how to do it right. The first site is FB FanPages (link:http://fbreveal.com/
) and it's main focus is on the creation of Facebook fan pages. These pages have
become an indispensable means of advertising for all manner of business and
especially for the small to mid-size companies due to Facebook being a free site and
the fan pages allowing for additional content like coupons and videos. The pages also
allow the smaller business to create pages that can and, in the case of FB FanPages,
do look better than their competitors.

FB FanPages has many levels of fan page that they can create for you. The price
range starts at $5 for a basic page and goes up from there depending on what you
want included on the page. The amount of styles and content available for the business
owner to ad to their fan page is staggering and it adds to the benefit of using this
service. The time frame of creation is also something that FB FanPages excels at. The
page creation turnaround time of three business days adds to the benefit of using this
service. Instead of having to take the time to learn how to create just the basic fan page
and then trying to learn how to add in all of the content, FB FanPages will do it for you
and have it back to you faster than you thought possible.

While FB FanPages is directed to a specific area of internet based promotions, there
is a second site that covers a much wider range of promotional tasks that a business
could need done but lack the time and manpower to complete. This site is called
Five Dollar Work (link:http://fivedollarwork.com/) and it is built to handle all kinds of
services that you could be looking for. In a price range from $5-95, you can get all kinds
of things done, from fan page creation to special flyers to anything else the people
offering up their services can think of. This sites takes all of the problems of promoting
your business and makes them simple and easy to handle. You won't need to employ
someone to do all of this work or have to pay large sums of money to an advertising
agency. Each service is specifically just for what you want or need them to do. Once the
work is done and the designer has been paid, there are no additional charges added on.
A very economical and timely means of getting the word out about your business to as
many current and possible clients as you can.

With the current level of stress on the economy and the business world, every company
owner is needing to find the best way to get the promotion that they need without
spending a large amount of time and/or money to do it. These two sites are here for that
reason and fill the need entirely. FB FanPages (link:http://fbreveal.com/) and Five Dollar
Work (link:http://fivedollarwork.com/) both offer the ability to get top notch promotions
and advertising at a much more economical level. Add in the lack of hassles in trying
to find the time in your busy day to get the work done and I think you can see just how
wonderful a service these sites are.