Features of Facebook 6.0 for Iphone

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Features of Facebook 6.0
for Iphone
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* Most of the android are using Facebook
Home as their latest update.

* Facebook also brings an update for
Iphone users as version 6.0.

* its features are very interesting that are
not even seen in android.

* This update makes the Iphone to make
the experience the freshness of the

* Most of the features are made easier
than the previous ones.

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Now you may be asking that what is new in it,
you may also have doubt that the changes
done are working properly on your Iphone or

* Here are all the answers for your questions in
detail with every feature included in the
Facebook 6.0 for the brand of Iphone.

Chat Heads:
* This is one of the most important
changes for the Iphone users by
providing chat heads in the Facebook

* Now you can chat with all your friends by
just swiping left to right when you start a
chat with them.

* That means it gives an option for the
multiple chats when chatting with many

* You have to tap on it and it will open the
chat with that particular person.

* These chat heads stay visible as you open
the app and you can drag them around
so it does not get in the way with tapping
the like button.