February letter

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Greetings from INCA!

Health and wealth to you on this “snicy” (snowy and icy) day in Indiana.

Even I, as the Executive Director have to register on line for the upcoming Dream
Summit set for March 4 through 5, at Camp Camby. Landon DeCrastos has done a
wonderful job of making registration so easy. So easy in fact, I registered without his or
my wife’s help!

Step 1: I went to the www.inclergy.org website and logged in

Step 2: I clicked on the “Dream Summit Registration” tab

Step 3: I begin registering myself, my spouse and the 2 key laypersons that will be
joining me at the Dream Summit

An e-mail was then sent to me, linking me to a Pay Pal account where I made my
payment. It was literally as easy as 1-2-3!

Check-in for the Dream Summit is March 4th, Friday 11:30 to 1:30. The Dream Summit
program will begin at 1:30 on Friday afternoon and Close out March 5th, Saturday at

In 2009, 232 pastors and spouses across the state participated in the Reward Stipend
program. 81 of them went on to participated in coaching and received a check for
$250.00. Our goal this year is to have 250 pastors and spouses participate in the HRA.

This year we will make available 133 reward stipends for the amount of $250.00. One of
the requirements to qualify for the Reward Stipend this year is you must participate in the
HRA (Health Risk Assessment).
The HRA will be conducted Saturday morning March 5th,
beginning at 7:00 AM.

We have set a goal this year to provide over $100,000.00 in grants to churches, who want
to help their pastors, or the pastors of smaller churches on their district. These grants are
designed to address the economic stressors hampering the ministry of the pastoral team.
One objective of the Dream Summit is to have each church represented apply for a grant
before they depart at noon on Saturday.

See you in March!

Jeffrey L. Thomas
Executive Director, INCA