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Mercury Wealth Management: Financial
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We make sure you and your family are
protected against life's misfortunes.


We can assist you to save tax and have

more super at retirement.

We can help you to grow your wealth
and realise your financial dreams.

We can help you retire when you want

on the income you desire.

About Mercury Wealth Management
Company Directors automatically liable - legislative changes to SGC
regime before parliament.

The government recently introduced tax legislation which is designed to protect
workers superannuation and prevent the establishment of `phoenix companies'
which are deliberately designed to defraud workers of their entitlements.
Importantly directors will be personally liable for their company's failure to pay
Super Guarantee Contributions (SGC)
The ATO will be able to make an estimate of unpaid SGC where a company fails to
meet its reporting obligations.
What is interesting is that the ATO will be able to commence recovery procedures
and pursue company directors if a company fails to comply with its reporting
obligations for a period of more than 3 months and its PAYG or SGC liability
remains unpaid.
Now more than ever company directors need to ensure that they pay both their
SGC and PAYG on time to avoid fulling fowl of the new rules.

Retirement Planning: Things
even until you retire, paying off your past
purchases or debts can be difficult and
to Do When You Retire
won't save you from getting the good life.
When you rely on a single income for your
When you reach your golden age, you
savings and expenses, you should always
simply can't wait to do what you've always
have an emergency fund. Having a back-up
dreamed of. Let us not jump into that
strategy before you get into a bad situation
dream yet without making a thorough
is a good move.
retirement planning. Try to rethink the
definition of retirement today compared
Let us be smart, responsible and hard
centuries ago. It is downsizing these days,
working to lead a path of pure bliss. Don't
making seniors turn back to either part time
make the mistake of not getting an
work, staying on the current job, or even
insurance plan because you won't use it. It
opening a business that could sustain their
is better to be prepared and be
daily needs until they can be stable. People
economically stable when you withdraw
who have worked hard during their early
from work or business. Learn ways to help
years are looking forward to their pension.
you develop your proposal by hiring a
retirement planner. They can easily help
When we retire, there will be more time
you prepare and control your monetary
and longer hours to fill our daily schedule.
income and spending to simply secure your
We should always plan ahead on what our
future. Find ways to deal with your assets
first day as a retiree would look like. We
and stick to your investment strategy that
could think that we have saved enough for
you feel is best. A retirement plan would be
30 years of working and if it isn't enough,
your roadmap to your future self.
we might be forced to do some business or
part time jobs. Indeed we have gained lots

of experience throughout the years of

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working and yet we can still make use of it.
We only need some patience and make
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smart choices to kill time and earn money
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at the same time. This would greatly help

your mental health as it exercises the brain

and would greatly aid in prevention of age-
related diseases.

There are downsides with developing a

wrong plan which could result to backfire
The Need in Getting a Financial Advisor
on your ability to retire. When you have too
much debt and you could not get out of it

The Need in Getting a
to know that they are best suited for the
job is to ask them questions and learn what
Financial Advisor
they will do with your current economic
situation. Know that they have your best
Do you know what your current financial
interests in mind and are not only after your
situation is? Do you know how to invest
your wealth wisely? Sometimes not
everyone is an expert in terms of handling
Hire someone who is dependable,
their monetary affairs. You either don't
responsible and trustworthy enough to put
have enough knowledge with financing or
your best interest primarily. You are the
you just don't have the time to handle it.
boss and responsible in bringing money to
When looking for someone to help you
decide for your investments. Consider that
manage your assets, it is essential to
there will be risks involved in any income-
research on what to look for and what to
oriented business. Your financial advisor
avoid. You will be able to assess and narrow
should weigh these options for you;
your choices in getting the potential
presenting pros and cons on any deal you
financial advisor. Keep these ideas in mind
may want to pursue. The important thing is
and find yourself a suitable consultant.
your willingness to take the risks in
exchange for its higher returns.
In searching for a professional consultant,
you need to develop awareness by
Get an expert who could work with you
recognizing your needs. There are a lot of
comfortably and you won't have a hard
them who have various expertise in the
time dealing with your plans. They should
field in which you should realize what you
learn about you and your finances to be
practically need them for. Talk to your
able to give you the best strategy to
friends who had any experience in hiring a
increase your income. Find out how they
fiscal consultant. You may want to get
should get paid or compensated in terms of
details on how they can help you improve
dealing with your finances. Get advices
your wealth. It is always reliable to have a
from your lawyers and accountant and
first-hand experience before checking your
other investment advisor that would help
local directory and online search.
you answer your need.
Learn as much as you can when dealing

with different advisors during their

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interview. Let them know what your goals
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are to assess their strengths in achieving it.

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Doing an interview with your prospective

specialist is a crucial task because your
assets will highly depend on them. In order

What Financial Services Are
When looking to hire for their services, a
consultant should always put your best
Offered By a Consultant?
interest first. You can always consult books
that involve money making deals; however,
There's a worldwide economic crisis that
a personal monetary expert would give
brings us to regulating our every day
more than just advice. They have first-hand
expenses. Business today is more complex
experience on how the economy plays.
than centuries ago because of different
They would immediately update you with
types of risks we encounter. We should
the latest trends in the business world.
think twice in investing our money wisely,
When choosing the right planner, let him
but how? Many are primarily scared of
see you personally and your current
hiring a consultant for financial services
economic status. Select a planner who
due to the extra cost in mind. Let this article
matches your goals and objectives in a
help you realize some elements that they
specific area. Learn how they should get
can help you balance your financial success.
paid; fee-based with commissions on assets
It is time to break free from these economic
or fee-only without commissions more like
worries. We need to take control of our
a referral fee.
personal debt and improve the quality of
Balancing your income can be hard when
you don't follow the basic principle of
The question is this: in what times do we
spend after you save. These financial
need their financial services? It is really
planners are here to make you realize
necessary to hire them in order to help us
where your income should be placed more.
weigh our options in dealing with financial
We don't want to die and leave
investments. They can discuss matters
incrementing debts to our children. Ask for
related to saving, insurance, taxes,
recommendations from your friends or
investing, real estate property
business partners for a good adviser. Plan
management, stocks and bonds, and even
on how both of you can achieve your goals
retirement. If you are in one way or another
and future plans. Discover how they can
unable to handle planning in these areas,
change your money outlook and deal with
you should consider hiring one. They can
your debts and not lose your highly
prepare personal statement of assets and
protected assets.
liabilities, advice on proposal insurance
offered, keep your tax payments at the

lowest cost in accordance to the law,

prepare legal financial documents for your
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protection, and also create a plan for
client's heirs in the event of death.
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