Finding Balance In Your Life By Doing What You Love

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Finding Balance In Your Life By Doing What You Love /finding-balance-in-your-life-by-doing-what-you-love/
Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about how doing more of what you love will promote
growth in your dental practice.
This week's topic came to me as I
noticed a common issue I have
heard from other dentists over
time. It comes from that struggle
between what they want to do and
what they feel they can do. Upon
further investigation we find they are
strapped for time because they are
doing things they don't like to do or
they shouldn't be doing. So in this
week's video ezine I want to help give
you a little focus on how you live your
life and how you run your practice.
It's those day-to-day things that
come up while running a practice. I
heard `I hate dealing with insurance'. While you might not be able to eliminate insurance from your dental
practice al together, you can remove that task from your plate and delegate it to someone else.
We all have certain skills that we excel at and we need to embrace them. Maybe dealing with
insurance drives you crazy, but maybe it doesn't bother another team member as much.
I want you to do what you are good it. I am challenging you now - for the next 30 days I want you
to focus on spending more time doing things you love. Let me tel you how I define something you
love, it's something you lose track of time doing. If you find yourself looking at your watch the whole time
that is probably not something you love. I personal y lose track of time creating marketing campaigns.
Many times I have looked up and realized hours have passed.
It's like talking to a good friend and you realize an hour has gone by. I want you to find a `good friend'
in your work and embrace it.
This also applies to your personal life, too. What do you spend your weekend time doing? This wil
also help your business because you wil return to the workweek with a clean re-energized slate. It's al
about finding a balance that works for you and your family. In that, is where you wil find your genius.
In this video, you'l learn about:
Finding your life balance
Doing what you love
Finding the `good friend' in your business

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above- do it for you and for your practice.
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