Finger Tration By Buma

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Buma’s FingerTration
Weather your working for tips, performing in a
restaurant, cruise ship, trade shows or even on the street,
FingerTration is the perfect audience participation effect
that puts their money in your hand !
The performer borrows a paper bill “currency” from a spectator
and displays both sides of the bill, the performer then folds the
bill in half lengthwise creating a horizontal tent like shape, this is
held horizontally in the performer’s left hand with the open side
of the bill facing downwards, the performer then points
upwards from underneath the bill with the index finger of their
right hand directly at the center of the bills tent like
open “middle”.
The performer then partially inserts their right hands index finger
into the bottom of the bills open center, the performer then gazes
at the center of the bill for a moment when suddenly they are
seen to thrust their index finger right through the center of the
bill, “in one side and out the other” the performer’s index finger is
now actually seen to be emerging from atop the other side of
the borrowed bill.
The performer now lifts up the folded tent part of the bill to better
reveal his index finger actually penetrating through the bill. The
performer then turns the penetrated bill vertically which aligns his
index finger horizontally to the floor, the performer now visibly
retracts his index finger completely out of the bill only to visibly
re-thrust his extended index finger back into the vertical bill only
through a different spot on the bill, the performer is now seen to
visibly slide their penetrating index finger vertically up or down
through the center of the bill. The performer then retracts their
Buma’s FingerTration
finger and flattens the bill to show there are in fact no rips, tears,
holes or slits whats so
ever, for the borrowed bill is unharmed, the performer then
returns the bill back to the spectator in pristine condition.
Performance Benefits:
Aways ready to perform, fits in your shirt pocket.
Easy to master, no mechanics, nothing to break, no parts to
Under your complete control at all times, may be instantly
repeated, Totally Impromptu!
All items are borrowed and actually used in your presentation.
Involves no sleeve work, may be performed shirtless.
Can be performed seated or standing, Great for walk around,
trade show and close up performance.
No threads, wires, magnets or mirrors involved.
Completely original in design and execution.
Hand crafted one at a time by by Buma in limited
numbers assuring you BUMA quality
Comes complete with easy to follow photo illustrated instructions.
Fully designed, crafted, illustrated & routined by BUMA.
Buma’s FingerTration
You receive:
The FingerTration, it consist of a false finger section
with an integral ring like band with an opening, it
can be worn on either your left or right index finger
in addition to wearing it on your thumb, for it is
constructed to be semi flexible.
Just before your
performance place your FingerTration on
either of your right or left thumb
(instructions shows left thumb as the
starting point but it will later
be transferred to the right index finger, for
left hand performance just do the
opposite) with the opening on the band
towards the backside of the left thumb and by the second joint.
Keep your left thumb with the FingerTration behind your left
fingers out of the spectator’s view.
Positioned in front of your audience ask
for the loan of a bill, obtain it with your
right hand and show both sides of the
bill, now hold the bill
horizontally between both hands about
chest height and fold the bill length wise
so it looks like a
horizontal upside down tent.