Firearm Bill of Sale

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Bill of Sale for a Firearm
Manufacturer or Importer: ________________________________
Model: _________
Action Type:
Bolt Single Shot
Type of Firearm:
Black Powder
Blue Stainless Parkerized Duracoat Polymer Nickel Duo-Tones
Caliber/Gauge: _______________________
Serial Number: __________________________________
Barrel Length: ________
Sale Price $_____________________________
If A Trade Value of Trade $ _____________
Purchaser: _____________________________________
Street: ________________________________________
City: __________________________
State ___________
Zip _____________
Drivers License Number Last 4 Digits: ______
CCW Permit Number: __________________
Seller: _________________________________
Street: _________________________________
City: ___________________________
State ___________
Zip ________________
Drivers License Number Last 4 Digits: ______
CCW Permit Number: __________________
By my signature below, I certify that under penalty of perjury that I am not under any legal disability from purchasing or possessing a firearm
under federal, state, or local law. I agree to hold seller his heirs and assigns harmless from any actions resulting from my use, possession,
improper or unsafe storage or sale of this firearm. Further should I come under disability from possession of a firearm I agree to surrender this
firearm to the proper authorities or return it to the seller and assign title to him. I am not acting as an agent for any person, business or agency
other than myself for the purpose of this purchase and it is solely for my own use and possession and not for resale, trade, or gift. Seller
warrants that this firearm is from his private collection and was not purchased originally for the purpose of resale and he is not a dealer in
firearms or weapons and warrants that to the best of his knowledge and belief he purchased the firearm legally. At a later date should the
firearm be declared unlawful, illegal to possess or in violation of any local, state or federal law, purchaser his or her heirs and assigns agree to
hold seller harmless and without fault or recourse. Seller further states that he is not an expert in firearms and does not guarantee the firearm
is safe for use. This is a bill of sale only and does not give the purchaser the right to carry or possess a firearm in violation of any local, state,
or federal law. This written bill of sale takes precedence over any oral statements by either seller or purchaser.
Purchasers Signature
Sellers Signature