First Social Network and Interactive Calendar for Mom Launched

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First Social Network and Interactive Calendar for Mom Launched
(1888PressRelease) makes it easy for moms to "hatch, manage, and
coordinate" their plans
New York, NY (1888PressRelease) In advance of National Work and Family Month in
October, today marked the launch of - a first-of-its-kind, free, social
networking tool and interactive calendar is designed to help the family CEO (mom)
manage the business of their family. strives to help families achieve a
better work-life balance.

Mom to Mom is the brainchild of two moms, Megan Brown, a former executive at
JP Morgan, and Kirsten Bischoff, a former senior editor at a hedge fund trade
publication. Their goal is to enable both working and stay-at-home moms to use to organize and collaborate in a more fluid way, sharing
important information with the people they interact with daily in managing their
families' needs, including spouses, grandparents, au pairs, close friends, etc. can also help outside sources reach this most coveted consumer - the
decision makers of the household.

Family Organization Tool

"Until now, there has been no platform like this for women - no home base for women
to manage their lives that is not purely content-driven. We wanted to design a tool for
sharing information both mom-to-mom and also privately within families" said Brown.
"And, considering the popularity of social media marketing, and that 85% of all
consumer spending decisions are made by this demographic, can fill
a big hole for marketers and advertisers to finally capture this audience in an intimate
and meaningful way."

A mobile app is being developed for the Droid followed by the
iPhone to make kid activities - and adult activities - easier to plan, making life balance
more attainable.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for women to share their calendars with their
husbands or partners," said Bischoff. "The mobile nature of a web-based management
tool means makes organizing post-work and kid activities, evenings
out, and personal time for both mom and dad as easy as pushing a button."

Other elements of include a curation page where moms can share
their favorite products, fashions, foods and more with their close friends; a groups page
where women can organize open group chat sessions amongst their friends based
around hobbies, small businesses, and volunteer efforts (i.e., class moms, school
fundraising events); as well as a mobile address book that includes an easy way to
download contacts from Google or Yahoo! accounts.

In the future, hopes to partner with other brands that have been
pioneers in creating a web presence through the development of Internet-based tools to
help moms run their households, such as, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

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