Fishing reports

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Fishing report of some famous fishing
areas in Colorado

A sufficient amount of knowledge about the area is required when you go for fishing.
You need to know the amount of fish which can be found in a particular area and the the
various varieties which can be found. You should gather all relevant knowledge about
fishing in that area so that it works to your advantage while fishing. The fly fishing
Colorado and fishing reports
relating to some of the areas are given below.
Animas river
There have been great results for people who have gone fishing here in the past month
and apart from catching a good quantity of fish, new varieties of fish are also being
found. At the moment, it is a very good place to consider and half down hoppers and big
parachute crickets are very successful. A tiger trout was also caught recently and this is
a new fish which was not found here earlier.
Colorado river
The Colorado river is also in a good position and the rains have been very helpful. The
rains have kept the water level high and have improved the fish activity and this makes
this river a good prospect for fishing. As on 1st September, the flow was 103cfs above
the William's Fork and was 369cfs below.
Blue river
This river is low and clear and stealth is required while fishing in this river. You will be
able to catch better fish towards Green Mt. Rest which is down the river. If you are fly
fishing, you should use ants, beetles and small nymphs.
Yampa river
The temporary ban which was placed on the river has now been removed and the
conditions are good for fishing. In Yampa through town, the flow is 100cfs and the flies
which are recommended are Hare's ear, Pheasant tail nymph, Tricos, and Barr's BWO
emerger. As there has been no pressure on the fish since the past 72 days, parachute
adams will also work well. In Yampa at Sarvis Creek, the flow is 73cfs and the
recommended flies are pheasant tail nymphs, tricos, hoppers, red quills, copper john and
other midge patterns. In Yampa below Stagecoach, the flow is 69cfs and the
recommended flies are epoxy back scuds, juju bee blue and black zebra midge. The fish
are also taking blue wing olives and small drowned trico spinners.

San Juan river
This river is also providing excellent opportunities for fishers and wade fishing above
the Texas hole has been giving great results. If you use streamers stripped through
braids, it will give you very good results and you may catch fish throughout the day.