Five Easy Beauty Tips

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Five Easy Beauty Tips

It is tempting to think that keeping a youthful and healthy appearance requires expensive treatments
or plastic surgery, but this is not the case. There are simple and easy things that you can do on a
daily basis that will go a long way toward keeping your skin and your entire body from aging

Facial massages have often been associated with expensive spas and elaborate treatments, but you
can actually get the same benefits from more frequent, at-home massages that you do yourself.
Keeping your skin pliable and invigorated is easy with self massages. Use your own fingers or gentle
massaging tools to get the blood circulating in your facial tissues. Move in a circular motion around
the cheek bone, eyes and forehead, as well as the skin under your chin. This area is often neglected,
but is one of the first parts of your face to begin showing signs of age. Remove makeup before the
massage so that your cells are free to breathe and fresh air will be able to regenerate the skin.

Before beginning a massage, steam your pores open with warm water, and cleanse with fragrance-
free soap. Go without makeup for as many hours in a day that you possibly can. Before sleeping at
night, steam your face again, as well as your entire body if possible. This is done easily by soaking in
a warm bath or shower.

It is tempting to think that nobody really notices your nails, but they quite often do. Having nails that
are groomed and trimmed can signify someone who pays attention to details and cares about
themselves. This can be interpreted as having qualities that would extend to other parts of your life,
including work. Potential employers are often trained to look at an applicant's nails. Use light or clear
shades of polish for a subtle, elegant look. You can also avoid breakage by filing your nails in one
direction only.

If you must wear foundation, be sure that you first use a moisturizer. The first coating that you put on
your facial skin will be what is mostly absorbed by your pores, so avoid chemically treated soaps,
moisturizers and makeup removing solutions. Keep your skin hydrated with water and moisturizers
containing natural ingredients such as aloe.

The skin on various parts of your body can become calloused and clogged, creating a need to

exfoliate often. This is simply the process of gently scrubbing the outer layer of skin to remove dead
skin cells. Body scrubs can help, especially ones with natural ingredients such as salt, sugar, citrus
and coffee grounds. There are also chemical scrubs and exfoliating procedures, but you can avoid
the need for these expensive treatments if you consistently do your own at home.

Utilizing simple and effective beauty treatments in your own home can be one of the best ways to
take control of your appearance and thwart the signs of aging. Work with what nature has given you
and put some of these tips and techniques to work for you.

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