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How To Fix HP Printer “Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue (Windows)” Issue?
HP is one of the reliable manufacturers of printer and has highly range of users
around the world. There are several problems and technical glitch reported by the
user of HP printer. And one of the major problems is that “Print job stuck in print
Queue (Windows) problem, which needs to be fixed accordingly and properly.
This stuck print job cannot be cancelled or deleted. It also prevents further print
jobs from printing. To have more detailed information regarding the problem you
better dial a HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number where you would be
guided by the expertise on a call.
Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem-
First you need to delete all the job files and restart he printer
Then you should use HP Print and scan doctor
Simply reinstall the printer
Besides this other solution that you can perform are-
Temporarily doable your firewall software
Log in Windows using another account
If the above solution does not help you to resolve the printer problem, ten you
can try the other described solution, but before performing any solution you need
to be aware about the exact problem and reason of the problem. Otherwise the
problem can get worse if you perform any steps without knowing the exact cause
of the problem.
In case you still encounter the HP printer print job stuck issue then you need to
take help by the expertise that you can attain by contacting at HP Printer
Technical Support Number. Besides this for further help and support you can also
dial a toll-free (1-877-213-5868) number that is applicable for all the customers of
HP printer. The number is accessible all the time so that the users can get instant
help on a single from anywhere at any time. You call would be attended by the
expertise and experienced engineers who understand you problem and try to
solve the issues as soon as possible.