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Custom Flash Drives
I remember one the first custom flash drives ever saw. It was my Audio Video teacher in
high school and I asked what in the world that stick was he just attached to the computer.
He said it was a flash drive, a memory stick. At the time I remember thinking that it couldn't
hold much; that is until he told me it held 512 MB of memory. This was years ago and the
common space found on a flash drive is typically 2 GB, roughly four times that amount. After
seeing my first flash drive, a spooky glimpse into the future of computer memory, I started
seeing them everywhere, and of course, using them myself. Today flash drives are almost a
dime a dozen with hundreds of companies manufacturing
them and all of the different varieties, designs, and sizes. As it
stands, having a unique flash drive is something that can
actually display creativity and individualism. There are actually
fashion designers like Ed Hardy making collectible flash drives.
Www.usbmemorydirect.com offers the best array of flash drive
customization options at the best prices. As a matter of fact, the most popular custom flash
drive is the DE style, one of the first custom USB drive they started selling. This model offers
a sleek, flat surface with removable cap. The popularity of this model is probably due to the
large space available to print business logos, graphics, movies and other large files. Another
variety that is popular among businesses is the Card-Tab style. This innovative flash drive is
actually a business card that also has a detachable, custom USB drive. The Card-Tab style can
also be made transparent so your business logo can be seen through to the other side.
Other creative customization options include the wrist style USB drive. This is a flash drive
that is stored in a rubber bracelet that can be printed with a company logo or cool message
to show your individuality. The wrist style actually appeals to many crowds, it being great for
weddings, business conferences, students, and non-profit organizations and many more.
The truth of the matter is, usbmemorydirect.com offers so many custom flash drive options
that it is impossible to not find something new and creative. There is even a USB drive that
doubles as a ball point pen and a USB drive that can be molded into the shape of an airplane,
automobile, train, boat, you name it! Visit usbmemorydirect.com today and see which
custom flash drive is best for you or your business.
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