Flats for Sale in Indirapuram- A Lucrative Real Estate Investment Option

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Flats for Sale in Indirapuram- A Lucrative Real Estate Investment Option

In the recent times the real estate sector of Indirapuram has received considerable interest
from both big and small real estate developers / dealers in Ghaziabad and other regions of
Delhi NCR. Indirapuram was once sluggish concise in Ghaziabad that did not have much
importance. Conversely, the current standing of Indirapuram real estate has a special tale
to tell.

Upsurge in Indirapuram Real Estate

In the present times, real estate of Indirapuram has lured the prominent housing
companies like Ashiana, Gaur Builders, Assotech and several others, with an aim to take on
high-class construction projects in Indirapuram. Many say that real estate value reflects the
development status of any city; the extraordinary increase in real estate and property
development in Indirapuram has enabled a swift development of infrastructure and
commercial landscape in the area, which otherwise went unnoticed until recently.

Reason for Rise in Property Value

Currently prices of flats for sale in Indirapuram have soared high and it is projected to
escalate even further, thus those inclined to make property investment Indirapuram could
be a favored hunting ground. The prime factor as to why Indirapuram properties have
gained so much positive reception is its enhanced connectivity with the commercial centers
in the capital city Delhi, South Delhi and Noida.

Pointers Indicate Investment in Indirapuram Property Is Lucrative Option

An estimated 90 real estate development projects are being carried out, owing to the fast
paced construction process 66 projects have been completed and another 24 are under
construction. The projected occupancy rate is 72%, totaling up to 26,394 flats
approximately, with prices for the apartments ranging between Rs. 1900-4200 per square

Yet another reason why Indirapuram property has got a tremendous boost is that many
people are eager to buy / rent property in Ghaziabad region primarily to evade the hassle of
paying much high prices in Delhi and also to get pleasure from living away from the chaos
and commotion of a metropolitan; yet be residing in close proximity to the National capital
for multiple commercial as well as other benefits.

Undoubtedly Indirapuram real estate have opened gateways for a new lucrative investment
alternatives for all who are interested in making profits through real estate, keeping the
development of this new trend in view the Ghaziabad Development Authority is also
undertaking many important step to further boost the growth of real estate sector in

Commercial Property Has Also Got a Boost

An interesting development that has taken place in the recent times is the boost that
commercial property in Indirapuram has received. This has been triggered with the
mushrooming of large number of malls, shopping complexes and multiplexes in and around
Indirapuram, thus, alongside residential property commercial property got a platform for

Additionally, based on the developments taking place in both residential and commercial
real estate of Indirapuram, large number of property dealers, real estate agents and
building contractors are finding numerous opportunity to earn handsome revenues, as those
who want to invest in property in these areas seek their assistance for carrying out the
transactions. For those looking for flats for sale in Indirapuram or a flat for rent in
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