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Flood Relief (Pakistan)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Pakistan has been hit by the worst of floods in its history of 63 years, in the aftermath of torrential monsoon rains.
A reported 1,600 have died so far across the country as rescue agents and relief workers attempted to reach
millions of stranded and displaced citizens.

Entire villages have been swallowed, fertile lands destroyed, stripping farmers of their livelihood. Bridges and
roadways have collapsed. People desperate to keep their livestock walk neck deep in water, pulling the animals
along. Many cities have been cut off from the main circuit, after being lashed by heavy rains.

The flood has affected an estimated 20 million people till now, with warnings of further devastation and a ‘second
wave of deaths’ as monsoon stubbornly persists in the region. Officials warn that more people could be affected
as river levels are expected to continue to rise in coming days. Multiple locations up north have been entirely cut
off from the rest of the country, and the Pakistani military has had to employ boats and helicopters in order to
carry out rescue operations.

Floodwaters are continuously moving downstream in the Indus River and have now reached Sindh, adding
millions to the people affected.

The following is a shared document with information relating to the funds being collected to provide relief
to some of the millions of people affected by the floods in Pakistan.

We are not an organization, but are a group of friends/students/colleagues without any ethnic and political
biases and leanings trying to help the people of Pakistan affected by the floods for the sake of Allah.

The objective of this document is to serve as a medium of information and accountability for the benefit of all
donors through regular updates as well as a means of sharing of ideas to further this particular cause.

Current Fundraising Update
Total donations collected are USD 900.00 (delivered) and the donations committed are around USD 300.00 to

The Relief Goods
The basic relief aid is expected to contain Water, Clothes, Medicines, Pulses, Dates, Rice, Flour, Dry Milk, Sugar,
Tea, Plates, Cups, Spoons & Water Coolers.

We use to buy the goods from the collected cash and deliver it to PAF relief camp established at PAF Museum,

How You Can Help (Besides Donations)
If you know people who can assist in getting the items included in the relief packs at a cheaper rate provided that
the quality and delivery timing are not compromised your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Future Updates
We will also look to include pictures and other details from the relief operation so that you are
better informed as to how your donations and efforts are bearing fruit in terms of helping the flood victims.

Contact Details

Faizan Noor

+92 322 2893418
Kamran Khan
+92 300 8278332

You are warmly welcome to join this noble cause with us.