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Valaichenai YMCA Expecting Immediate assistance for our
affected people from the generous People.
Batticaloa district is situated in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. Batticaloa district is included 3
electorate divisional. Namely Batticaloa, Pattirupu, Kalkudah electorates. YMCA Valaichchenai
situated in Kalkudah electorate area. Valaichchenai is situated 32km north from Batticaloa.
Kalkudah electorate was home to a total population of approximately 187000 people, among which
68%were Tamils, 31% Muslims, 1% Sinhalese and a few Burghers.
Valichchenai YMCA, wish to state here that from the begging of the year 2011 rain started due to this
reason our eastern region people facing very hardship not only that some lost their loved one too, and
affected very badly in economically ., physically, healthily, and social too. People were just started their
new life the unexpected second flood chased the people leaving their resident again. Still the flood not
subside some places. First attack not heals, but second attack washes everything. Today the 6th of February
2011. The affected people are staying in school building, and the common hall, these people are receiving
small help from where they live. This second attack made them very worse because like the first attack the
assist didn’t reached to them because every body affected by the flood, and also some generous helpers
business resources are completely damaged.

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We the YMCA perform very quickly with help of Disaster Management team (DMT)
For the first attack we supplied dry ration, milk powder for the children to the camps and the needy people.
We could not fulfill the needs to the affected; we did not receive enough financial aid from the generous. In
the meantime second attack we could not face the people need. Even though we have done our best to help
the need with small amount of money we gave cooked for the couple of days. These affected people need,
so many basic items, cloths, baby cloths, milk powder, baby feeding bottles ,baby mackintosh, sweaters
Blankets, mats , and tents ..
We the YMCA Valaichchenai expecting financial support to do the immediate relief work.

We the YMCA Valaichchenai will thankful and appreciated your earliest and generous help to these
affected people.

Our Contact Details:-

Mr. Anthony Moses
Office In charge
Sri Lanka.

Contact Number - Office - 0094653652283.

Home - 00943656491

Mobile- 0094772070471
- [email protected]

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