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Centura Tile Takes A High-Fashion Approach To Its
Flooring Showroom

By Eric Mutrie
Photography by Naomi Finlay
Founded in 1933, Toronto's Centura is one of the biggest names in the Canadian tile business, operating 14 locations across the
country. The company celebrates its roots with an expanded flagship designed by Kneider Architects, and sets itself apart from other
uptown tile shops by taking a high-fashion approach to showing such upscale European lines as Mirage, Atlas Concorde and Italgraniti.
Cal it the Saks of Castlefield and Caledonia - too big to be a boutique, too grand to be a box store.
A front wal of two-storey windows soaks the entire 929-square-metre showroom in natural light, letting the haute ceramics look their
best. Rather than the labyrinthian set-up popular with other stores, Centura has opted for an open-concept layout that plays up the
expansiveness of its space. The central floor area features rows of accessible display boards that outline sizing and pricing of perennial
favourites. PMA's Purestone, for example, has a lux, sandy look to it, but rings in at a great price point: only $11.00 per square foot for
matte tiles measuring nearly a foot.
Tal er display boards line the perimeter like mannequins and highlight the latest trends, which include large-format tiles that create
seamless-looking floors and intricate mosaics of unconventional shapes (think Arabesque lanterns). Also in vogue: digital y printed tiles
that mimic the look of wood, stone and marble. The advantage to going faux: porcelain doesn't require as much maintenance as natural
SHOP HERE FOR: Everything from traditional square and subway tiles to intricately patterned hexagons and precious stone panels.
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BEST BET: Refin Ceramiche's Frame Majolica features designs that look like something you might see in an understated
kaleidoscope. The blue, grey and gold-patterned tiles can be arranged in that artful y mismatched look, popular for dramatic floors and
feature wal s.
Originally published in our Fall 2014 issue.
Last edited: November 5, 2014
Categories: Tile + Stone
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Centura Tile
950 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto M6A 1C4
416 785 5151
8:30 - 5:00
Tuesday - Friday
8:30 - 7:00
8:30 - 4:00
12:00 - 4:00

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