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Florist to Turkey

Ireland is an Island situated in northwest Continental Europe. It is Europe's third largest
Island as well as the twentieth largest island in the world. It has a cool maritime climate with
damp summers and mild winters. Due to the favorable climate, more than 800 types of
flowers can be found in Ireland. Some of them are native to the island while others have
been brought to it from other regions. The flowers of Ireland are grown in many other places
in Europe and are known worldwide for their beauty and ease of cultivation. The flowers
beautify the island by adding color to it. Moreover, flowers have a great significance in Irish
history culture and rituals. Some of the native flowers of Ireland are mentioned below.


Foxglove is a drooping bell-shaped flower. It grows in clusters and is available in different
colors including pink, purple and red. It is quite a beautiful flower and grows all over Ireland
except the central part of the island. Its blooming period lasts from June to August. However,
the flower is poisonous to animals.


The flower blossoms every April and May. It has violet-blue petals, which are tubular in
shape. Although this flower is quite rare in European mainland, it can be found in several
places in Ireland. One can find it in deciduous woodlands, grasslands, bracken-covered
slopes and hedge banks. According to a legend, the chiming of a bluebell can be heard by
fairies. They gather around it and indulge in mischief.


This flower is found in several different places in Ireland including grasslands, hedges and
gardens. The flower blossoms throughout the year. As many people know, this flower has
white petals with a yellow center. It sometimes has a pink and black tinge on the backside.


This flower has many different species and some species like the bulbous buttercup and
meadow buttercup are native to Ireland. Usually it is bright yellow or white in color. It has 5-6
petals and can be commonly found in the coastal areas of Ireland.

Yellow Iris

This flower is also known as yellow flag iris or Jacob's sword. It is native to Northern Ireland
but is quite common in Britain, Northern Africa and Mediterranean countries. It is the only
wild iris in Ireland. The flower is bright yellow with petals shaped like swords.

Apart from these, many other flowers grow in Ireland. Some other popular native flowers of
Ireland include yarrow, Irish orchid, primrose, dog rose, fairy flax and sea aster.

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