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Florist to Turkey

Summer brings splendid colors in the form of flowers. As a variety of flowers grow in
summer, it is an ideal season to send those fresh flowers to your loved ones. Moreover, you
can choose to send them the following types of summer flowers if a birthday, wedding, or any
occasional event is near:

1. Roses
Roses remain fresh especially in summer because they require increased sun exposure.
Since this type of flower needs extra care and attention, they remain fresh throughout the
season if proper sunlight is provided to them. The afternoon sun is the best for its healthy
growth because it helps dry the leaves. Similarly, this prevents fungus and other plant

2. Freesia
Freesia is a summer flower that originated in South Africa. These flowers are ideal to send
your long-distance friends or family members as they are popular for their sweet and light
fragrance. Their smell is quite similar to floral bath soap. You can send these beautiful
flowers by choosing from a large variety of colors from a florist.

In order to send freesia, all you have to do is to contact a florist, place an order including the
quantity of these flowers, and send them. Since online florists are easily available, it will not
take a lot of time.

3. Carnation
Carnations are considered summer flowers, as they require full sunlight along with drained
soil. When grown in summer, they tend to be fresh even if you send them to someone
through a flower delivery service. Besides, they can be sent in winter too because they are
becoming popular for both summer and winter.

4. Hydrangea
There is something unique about hydrangea, i.e. it is surrounded by countless tiny flowers in
a clustered form. Some of the common colors of this flower type are pink, white, and blue.
However, you will most likely see a combination of colors when you buy hydrangea. Since
the small flowers within it are clustered together, it becomes difficult to identify a single color.

When florists give them a form of bouquets, you can send these flowers with different colors.

5. Daisy
Daisy is a popular flower especially in North America. This type of flower grows well in full
sunlight and rich soil. Since the leaves of daisy flowers are edible, it fulfills two purposes at a
time, i.e. it is an ideal flower to send to someone due to its beauty and it can also be
consumed in salad.

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