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Some facts you need to know about affordable egg donation
The worldwide practice of affordable egg donation has developed at breakneck speeds and
even seen government intervention to widespread the cause. Although the entire treatment
from start to a smooth finish can take up to months and near a decent fortune, it is stil a much
sought after precedent. The interesting fact for those who get amused is that a growing
majority of elderly couples (those above the age of 45) are topping the list of probable parents
to be. For the stats, the current record is helmed by a lady at 69!
Prescribed ages for both parties by medical analysts:
As the practice of affordable egg donation has come about as strong deviation from the natural
process of mating and fertilizing the female eggs, there is plenty of elementary knowhow to be
absorbed. To start with the age of the donor has to be restricted to within thirty preferably
(though in some cases even thirty plus women are found acceptable). This is because nature
endows women with a youthful phase that is healthy only til these ages. As the health
conditions and genes of the donor wil be instrumental in deciding the quality of life to the off
spring, gynecologists and the presiding specialist doctors lay strong emphasis on the donor age.
Furthermore it cannot be ruled out that a lady who is wel past thirty is actual y wel past her
prime in the process of ovulation and production of these eggs. As such the inferior quality of
eggs coming from an `overage' source understandably has restricted takers.
Quality of donor is passed through the genes:
As the concept of affordable egg donation is not quite easily and frequently approached, there
are a few doubts that can be laid to rest. Many an inquisitive couple (especial y the to be
fathers at that) are openly skeptical whether the resultant child wil bear the same
characteristics as those in his parents (father and the biological mother). They also want to be
provided with complete assurance that there wil be no resemblance or effect from the genetic
mother i.e. the egg donating lady in question. Wel it needs understanding that we have so far
been only able to slightly tweak the nature of propagation. We have not yet become Godlike in
granting ourselves any and every wish!
Since the egg has come from within a particular body, it is an obvious fact that it wil bear the
same genes that develop within and wil continue to be so as long as the off spring survives.
However not to lose heart for budding parents to be, the child wil also intake a host of
resemblance and features from both the biological parents. After al the forty weeks of
gestation develop the embryo and the long tenure is on course to show after birth. Yet the
impressions of the original egg continue to be present simultaneously. Thus it can be safely said

that the child wil bear features and genes from not two but three parents in al ! The boons of
affordable egg donation can be widespread yes but we also need to understand the procedure
inside out before we sign on the dotted medical lines.