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Forex - Viezara International Limited
Founded in 2008, Viezara International Limited was a firm providing wealth management services
for various enterprises and companies. Viezara International spent a big percentage of profit in the
research and development of new technology can bring us to a new height.
In October 2013, Viezara International Limited officially became a fully licensed online brokerage
firm regulated by Financial Service Providers (FSP) in New Zealand. Viezara International offers
the industry standard, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform and currently serving traders across 5
continents and more than 30 countries. Combining their biggest strength and after years of
research and development, Viezara International created the Viezara Aggressive Trading System
(V-ATS). That's a near 400% profits, a big win for Viezara and a definitive proof of what V-ATS
can do.
As traders ourselves, Viezara International understands your concerns about your funds. We
realized that many investors lack the skill and experience for trading Forex, so Viezara
International introduces flexible plan that is suitable for investors and traders of all type. And for
experienced Forex traders, we provide high rebates and valuable trading tools so you can trade
with ease and confident.
2014, Viezara International plans to launch officially in China and is setting up and office in Hong
Kong in December.