Forging Market Share and Trends 2025

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Forging Market- Global Industry Insight, Trends,
Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis 2017-2025
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Forging refers to a process of shapin g the material by applying compressive force manually; by forging machines
or with the use of power hammers. Forging process can be carried out on materials in either cold or hot state.
These forged parts includ e bolts, connecting rods, turbine shafts, crane hooks, hand tools, gears, and other
components used in machine manufacturing. These products offer toughness, stren gth, stress, and are reliable
end-use industry such as automotive, mining, and aerospace and various other applications.
Forging activities find diverse u se in many industries mainly in automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas industri es
which in turn boosting the forging market and is also anticipated to drive this market over the forecast period.
The closed die forging segment (impression die forging) is the dominant segment in the global forging market and
is anticipated have a continuous growth over the forecast period. This is due to its high dimensional accuracy and
fine surface finishing. The aerospace and automotive ind ustry are the biggest end users of the closed die forging
The automotive segment is accounted to have the largest share in the global forging market. Low fuel rates and
interest rates are the key factors driving the growth of automotive industry of the forging market.
Forging Market Overview
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Global Forging Market Taxonomy
On the basis of type, the global forging market is segmented as:
Open Die Forging
Closed Die Forging
Seamless Forging
Roll Forging
Upset Forging
Precision Die Forging
Rotary Forging
On the basis of end-use industry, the global forging market is segmented as:
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