Format Of All Statutory Registers Under Companies Act

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List of Statutory Registers under Companies Act, 1956Sr.No.Relevant SectionsRegister NamePhysical or Soft Copy(P or S)Updated (Y or N) RemarksRegister of investments in any 49(7)shares or securities not held in its 1own name58A read with Companies (Acceptance of Deposits Registers of depositsRules,1975) & RBI 2Directions 3143(1)Register of charges4150(1)Register of members5151(1)Index to membersRegister & Index of Beneficial 152A6Owners 7159-160 Copies of Annual ReturnMinutes books of Board Meetings & 1938any other meetings 9193/196Minutes books of General Meetings 10209(1)(a)(b)(c)Proper books of account Register of contracts, companies and 301firms in which directors are 11interested Register of contracts entered into 302(6)by the company for the appointment of Manager or Managing Director 12Register of Director/Managing 303(1)Director/Manager/Whole Time 13Director/Secretary Register of Directors’ shareholdings, 30714etc.Register of loans, etc., to companies 370(1C) under the same management 15Register of investments in shares of 372(6)16any body corporateRegister of loans made, guarantees 372A given, securities provided or investment made by the company 17Sr.No.Relevant SectionsRegister NamePhysical or Soft Copy(P or S)Updated (Y or N) RemarksRule 7(2) of Companiesthe (Issue of Register of renewed and duplicate Share Certificates) Rules, Share certificates 181960 1969-75 Register of Allotments20205Dividend Register21285Register of Directors’ Attendance Record of Proxies and 17622representatives Register of Document executed under Common Seal 23FORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 49(7)No. Name of Body Corporate Date of kind & No. of Certificate Distinctive Folio Face Name of the Date of Disposed Sale (Invested)Date of BR Investment SecuritiesPurposeNo.No.No.CostValue persondisposaloffConsiderationFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 150(1)Allot. No. or Date of Transferor's Father's/Husband's Folio Transf. No. of allotment/tr Nominal No. & Date Name & Folio Distinctive Amount Date of Date of No. of shares Transferee's Name Nominal Balance of Name of Name NameAddress Occupation No.No.shares ansferValueof Certificate No.No. of Shares PaidPayment Transfer Transferred& Folio No.ValuesharesNominee RemarksREGISTER PURSUANT TO RULE 7(2) Class & Distinctive No. & Date of Old No. & Date of New NameDate of ApprovalFolio No.No.CertificateCertificateRemarksFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 301Name of Name of Name of Name of Director Name of Date of Date of Date of Entry in Date - placed Directors Intrested Director voting Director-next ContractName of PartiesRegisterbefore BODpresentDirectorsvoting ForAgainstnuetralMeetingFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 303(1)Committee Office of Father's/HusbaMembership/Chair Director/Managerial Date of Date of Namend's NameDoBAddressNationalityOccupationmanshipPerson RelinquishedAppointmentCessationDisqualificationsFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 307Date of Consideration Balance of Name No. of SharesDate of AcquisitionConsideration paidDisposalreceivedSecuritiesFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 372A%to Paid Specific No. of up capital Date & Sources Date of Date of Shares/D Nominal Consideration & Free Amount of Date of of Disinvest Face ConsideraName Address Investment Amount Period ebentures ValuepaidReserves Repayment Bank RoI Approval Funding mentvalue tionFORMAT OF REGISTER PURSUANT TO SECTION 58ADue Date Deposit for Nominee Receipt Date of Date of Payment Date of Total Exempted Unclaimed Name Address NameNo.Deposit Amount Duration Maturity ROI of Interest PaymentAmountDepositsDeposits