Fort Morgan Offshore Fishing

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Fort Morgan Fishing
Fort Morgan, Alabama is the gateway from the Mo bile Bay leading out
into the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, you should be on a fishing c harter off
the famous Dixey Bar which is just south of the Fo rt Morgan Peninsula.
These waters can be treacherous without the right gui de on the right day.
Fort Morgan charter boats however offer some wonderful inshore fishing
opportunities for families and anglers especiall y during Fall and Winter
when there is plenty of large Redfish (Bull Reds ).You can also catch
Flounder, Speckled Trout, White Trout, Cobia, Spanis h Mackerel,
Crevalle Jacks, King Mackerel and Sharks in Dixey Bar.
Fishing In Fort Morgan
Historical Views on a Fort Morgan Fishing Charter
There are also several local tourist attractions you can vi ew on a Fort Morgan
Charter Fishing trip. Just 3 miles off the Fort Morgan Beach es and Dauphin Island,
there is the Sand Island Lighthouse built in 1871. You will also have spectacular
views of the famous Fort Morgan Civil War Fort from both the north and s outh
sides. Your trip won’t be complete without seeing the location of the 223 ft
Tecumseh Naval Vessel that was sunk by a mine on August 5th 1864 during the
Battle of Mobile Bay. Aboard a Fort Morgan charter boat, you will also see dolphin s
swimming in Mobile Bay and Gulf of Mexico including large numbers of Pelicans
and seagulls. These sea birds are normally very active in fishing areas because they
also feed on fish.
Fort Morgan Deep
Sea Fishing
More Boats, More Choices with Fort Morgan Charter
Some charter boats in fort Morgan also have video ca meras mounted on their
vessels in case you want an edited version of your personal fishing charter. This is
a great addition especially if you’d like something you can take home with you and
reflect back on in the future. Most personal videos on a 4-hour fishing charter wil l
be around 20 minutes long and no ads will be placed on them. You will be
informed about this option before your excursio n even begins. Fort Morgan
charter boats are available all year round whether you pref er sunset and dolphin
cruises, offshore and inshore fishing and other local attractions of fered. Most
charters will also accommodate your special r equest.