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FOSS BUSINESS IN THE PHILIPPINES by: Holden M. HaoThe Business Side of FOSS● FOSS is not free as in cost, rather the emphasis is in FREEDOM● In using FOSS, as in other things in life, there is always a cost● But with FOSS, the cost is most likely to be less● Thus, there is business to be made Costs of Using FOSS● acquisition cost● implementation cost– installation– configuration– customisation● training cost● maintenance cost● upgrade cost International Business Models for FOSS International Business Models for FOSS International Business Models for FOSS Applied Models in the Philippines● software development– outsourced development (PHP/ Java)– Winston Demarilo sold GlueCode (Java products) to IBM for $100M● solutions provider● technical support● training Organizational Structures of Philippine FOSS Businesses● Traditional companies● Independent Consultants● Partnerships Market Acceptability of FOSS in the Philippines● many companies use unlicensed software● threat of raids is now regular● great improvement in terms of ease of use of FOSS● cost savings Hindrances to FOSS Marketability● fears of migration– perceived difficulty– incompatibility issues– productivity loss ● human resistance to change● lack of technical support/ human resource● high initial cost of migration