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Help with Depression and Anxiety
What is Depression
Depression is said to effect 1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women in Australia - making it one of the most
prevalent mental illness in the modern era. It can be very difficult to identify at its early stages
and the onset can be varying in speed; making a certain diagnosis often a difficult thing to
achieve. When one is depressed their mood changes and behaviours can become dulled or even
erratic - ranging from lack of energy and a withdrawn personality to more aggressive acts such
as substance abuse and anger.
Get Help with Depression
The Fountainhead Retreat offers a holistic approach to depression but there are quite a variety of
proposed treatments for depression - some of them are quite helpful and some can be more
detrimental to your health. If you were to go at almost any General Practitioner in Australia and
receive a diagnosis of depression they will often jump straight to a prescription of a chemical
medication such as Sertraline (commonly Zoloft). It is important to understand that a chemical or
anti-depressant treatment, while it can be helpful to some, it is rarely a complete solution to the
problem and most medical practitioners will agree that it is just one step towards a cure. This is
more often that not, a journey itself. Anti-depressants can come with a variety of side effects
including suicidal thoughts, worsening of depression, loss of sexual function, nausea, sleepiness
and more. The Fountainhead Retreat does not support the use of Anti-depressants 'long term'.
How Will We Help
At the Fountainhead Retreat we use the Fountainhead Method of treatment and firmly believe
that this is one of the most realistic and genuinely helpful approaches to depression and anxiety.
The method of treatment is all about assisting you in understanding exactly why you feel and act
the way you do and teaching you how to change your beliefs towards these feelings and
behaviours. By the end of the Fountainhead Retreat course you will have a greater understanding
of your own mind and will come away with the answers that we're sure you've been looking for.

What is Anxiety?
A debilitating mood disorder that is triggered by an often unidentifiable stimulus which then
results in uneasiness, apprehension and fear. Panic attacks, poor sleep patterns, constant
worrying are the normal accompanying symptoms. Co-morbid issues that commonly develop are
reliance on drugs or alcohol to cope making relationships and family matters from challenging to
"I thought my issue was alcohol, it was anxiety. I was told I could not be fixed; it was just the
way I was, I could not change the way I was. The Fountainhead Retreat showed me that was

Why can't traditional methods fix anxiety?
The Fountainhead Retreat uses a holistic approach to treating anxiety but traditional therapies
focus on the symptoms not the cause. Psychotherapy spends lots of therapy time searching for
individual triggers and the history of these triggers. Psychoanalysis spreads its talk therapy out-
often over a number of years and relies often on medication to help manage the symptoms -again
not the cause.
"Twelve year since my accident. Twelve years with the agony of anxiety. I still can't believe it
was this simple"

Why The Fountainhead Retreat works for Anxiety
Clients suffering from anxiety make up the second largest group attending the Fountainhead
Retreat programs. Fountainhead Retreat approach to anxiety disorders is completely different to
traditional methods that are low on results. Our solution has three major components:
We only use Fountainhead Method TM, trained life coaches. "The Fountainhead Method
is the number one system for understanding stress and its application to health in the
world today" (1)

It is supported by Journey Therapy. Developed originally by American author Brandon
bays similar to time line therapy but different in that the focuses is not only to identify
your patterns of behaviour and its origin-but to change the pattern then and there. "Where
was this when I was studying psychology at University"(2)

It is underpinned by Mindfulness training which has existed for millennia but has only
been explained scientifically the last twenty years. "One has to try to develop one's inner
feelings, which can be done simply by training one's mind."
"Depression-anxiety, anxiety depression. It did not understand the link. NOW I understand the
lesson. The world should know about these programs. Thanks - you saved my life"

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