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HP HP0-S20
Implementing HP
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1. What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel interconnects that can be installed in a c7000 enclosure?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 6
D. 10
Answer: C
2. Which tasks are part of the Evaluate Data step of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select three.)
A. analyze the mode of failure
B. gather messages from iLO logs
C. apply one change or one solution at a time
D. isolate faults to a hardware or software system
E. determine which components could cause the problem
F. check environmental conditions
Answer: ADE
3. Which memory protection technology protects against multiple, non-correctable multi-bit errors with no
performance degradation?
A. advanced ECC memory
B. advanced parity memory
C. single-board mirrored memory
D. online spare memory
Answer: C
4. What is used to assign the SCSI ID of a hot-pluggable disk drive installed in an HP Smart Array solution?
A. the array controller firmware
B. a jumper on the disk
C. a switch on the SCSI backplane
D. the drive cage backplane
Answer: D
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5. What is a mandatory module that provides a single point of management in a c-Class enclosure?
A. Virtual Connect
B. InfiniB and iLO Manager
C. FLEXnet
D. Onboard Administrator
Answer: D
6. Which virtualization technologies are supported in c-Class server b lades? (Select three.)
A. Microsoft Virtual Machines
B. VMw are Workstation
C. Integrity Virtual Machines
D. VMw are ESX
E. Virtual Partitioning
Answer: ACD
7. Which c-Class server blades support HP-UX? (Select two.)
A. BL280c
B. BL680c
C. BL685c
D. BL860c
E. BL870c
Answer: DE
8. Which server blade is optimized for virtualization solutions with the capacity for 18 memory slots?
A. BL280c G6
B. BL460c G6
C. BL480c G6
D. BL490c G6
Answer: D
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