Fruit and Vegetable Garden2

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Fruit and Vegetable Garden
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If you love to eat fruits and vegetables, you’d love eating your own hand grown fruits and vegetables
even more. Summer time gardening is always a fun extra circular activity, and it bring you delicious
foods that you can use in your everyday life. And if you have enough room, what would stop you from
growing these delicious fruits?
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Here are a few fruits that are vegetables that are worth growing on your own.
Peppers- not only will the colorful vegetable bring color to your garden, but it is also very healthy for you.
You can sauté them with chicken or other vegetables for a healthy summer time dinner.
Tomatoes- if you tend to cook dinner at home every day. Tomatoes are a must. You can use them in
nearly every recipe.
Cilantro- these tender leaves full of flavor are known to dispense flavor into recipes for guacamole, and
salsa. You can use this herb to garnish any home cooked dinner.
Basil- if there is enough room in your garden. A basil plant is a must. Just like cilantro it is a herb that can
be used for extra flavoring and garnish.
Blueberries/Strawberries- increase your intake of anti-oxidants this summer by consuming your own
home grown blueberries.
Of course you are free to grow whatever fruits and vegetables you like. But it’s best to grow fruits and
vegetables that you know you will be eating or making use of. Use your garden space wisely.