Fundamentals of IT

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Fundamentals of IT

BTEC Higher National Diploma in ICT Systems Support
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: NetAssist International (pvt) Ltd

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: K.S.Rathangan
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: Personal Skills Development
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: Fundamentals of IT

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: 25/02/2011

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: 11/03/2011


: Jayani C Ranawaka

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT


Task 1
 Role of Information Technology


 Information Technology in Education

 Information Technology in Commercial/ business

 Information Technology in Communication

 Information Technology in Government


Task 2
 Legal factors of Business communication technology

Task 3
 How the computer hardware works

 How the computer software works

 How the computer network works

Task 4
 IT related issue(s) that here identified above this scenario

 As a student learning IT explain your advice

 The benefits of doing Ecommerce

Task 5
 The advantages and disadvantages available for

This person in his job

 Health issues he may face,

If not following a good working practices


By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT


It is a great pleasure for me to acknowledge the assistance and
contributions to this assignment; First of all I would like to thank to
my lecturer miss. Jayani who helped me to understand the problems
of the scenario who helped me to approach the problems confidently.

I would like to acknowledge to the lecturers of Net Assist, my friends
and the people who helped me to finish the assignment successfully.

Finally, I gratefully acknowledge to the support, encouragement, and
patient of my parents.

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT


In this computer Personal Skills Development assignment assume analyzed all
Fundamentals of IT requirement. This report contains an evaluate performance of a
selected computer system, upgrade a computer system and for reference implementing
to be developed. And also, the report represents the first stage in a process that will
define according to the requirement. The report is structured into a cable of section.
And in each section, the all methods are described.

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

Task 1
It made a big impact on society, on our personal and professional lives and on
environment. By the way it explains ethical and legal issues related to information
You have been asked to explain how the it has involved in different areas in our lives.
Role of Information Technology

his is a general term which relates to the use of computers as an aid to creating
and maintaining. IT is related to all aspects of managing and processing
Tinformation, especially within a large organization. Computers are critical to
managing information. And computer departments within large organizations are
often called IT departments. Alternative phrases are IS departments (Information
System) or MIS Departments (Management Information Services). People working
with computers within large companies will often refer to their job, as “working in

The following are the benefits of information technology:

 Greater accuracy: It provide for greater accuracy. Those helps within eliminating time
consuming activities. Clients are feeling secure with accurate business intelligence.

 Advanced skills: IT helps in the development of proper skills. Students may engage
in research and projects. Advanced technology also enables students to think

 Outsourcing: IT Facilitates outsourcing. Outsourcing assists in cost management &
improve the service proper quality. It enables the management to focus on great
business activates.

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

Information Technology in Education

Information technology in education pretty way for
the advancement of the educational System. The
grade of education is enhanced as students become
more familiar with IT. IT was based educational
fosters confidence among the pupils. IT in education
doesn’t require the physical presence of pupils. IT in
Information technology also provides various
carriers opportunities to the students.

These are the Information Technology Provides career opportunities:

 Engineering
 Manufacturing
 Health
 Forestry
 Management consulting
 Banking

Companies also establish IT training places or centers. These places favor in
supplementing the educational needs of the students. IT career fosters the innovative
ability of the employees. IT career ensures great remuneration.

Students must take the following Steps for career in Information technology:

 Conduct the various the research about IT jobs.
 Compare their skill which that needed for IT jobs.
 Should develop the skills that they don’t posses

Employees should make IT skills properly. They should an up to date knowledge on
Information Technology. Students may develop their IT skills they are engaged in
other fields.

Information technology was earlier thought that
IT would make peoples more dependent on
computers but IT has resulted in a number of
advantages. The students can make use of
computers to do their usual practice sessions and
drills, which is very similar to their workbooks.
Moreover with the use of IT teachers can make
their lectures more attractive and colorful helping
to student’s better they should understand.

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

 Information Technology as a part of syllabus

Information technology especially has been included as part of computer studies. As
the same time it has been as a part of the educational syllabus. It is now helping for
students in make their future careers in technology. The foundation computer
knowledge gives the students the basic requirements to complete with the expanding
technological world.

In this case there are some kinds of various type of information technology currently
used in traditional environment or classrooms. Among these are:

Computer in the classroom: having a pc or lap in the classroom is an asset to any
teachers and lectures. With a pc or lap in the classroom lectures are able to teach or
demonstrate a new lesson, present new material, explain how to use new programs,
and show new websites.

Class website: An easy way to interface to student’s work is to create a webpage
designed for student’s class. Once a web page is designed, lectures can post
homework assignments, student work, famous quotes and so much more in today’s
environment, children know how to use the computer and navigate their way through
a website, so why not give them one where they can be a published author. Just be
care full us most districts maintain strong policies to manage official websites for
school or classroom also, most school districts provide teacher web pages that can
easily be viewed through the school district’s website.

Wireless classroom microphones: Noisy classrooms are a daily occurrence, and with
the help of microphones, students are able to hear their teachers more clearly.
Children learn better when they hear the teacher clearly. The benefit for teachers is
that they no longer lose their voices at the end of the day.

Online media: Streamed video websites can be utilized to enhance a classroom lesson

Podcasts: Podcasting is a relatively new invention that allows anybody to publish
files to the Internet where individuals can subscribe and receive new files from people
by a subscription. The primary benefit of podcasting for educators is quite simple. It
enables teachers to reach students through a medium that is both "cool" and a part of
their daily lives. For a technology that only requires a computer, microphone and
internet connection, podcasting has the capacity of advancing a student’s education
beyond the classroom. When students listen to the podcasts of other students as well
as their own, they can quickly demonstrate their capacities to identify and define
"quality." This can be a great tool for learning and developing literacy inside and
outside the classroom. Podcasting can help sharpen students’ vocabulary, writing,
editing, public speaking, and presentation skills. Students will also learn skills that
will be valuable in the working world, such as communication, time management, and

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

Information Technology in Health

Using health information technology to manage your personal
health information is an important part of our changing health
care system.

You and your doctor can better manage your health care by
improving how you communicate with each other and how you
maintain your health information.

Using computer electronic devices makes sure it easy to you and your doctor, and
health care providers such as hospitals, labs, and X-ray facilities to keep, share and
access your health control information. And using these Equipments in this way is
known as Health Information Technology (HIT of Health IT)

Using Health Information Technology

How the Health information technology useful:

 Reducing the paperwork via eliminating the need for handwritten medical records

 Reducing Medical errors or wrong by transmitting accurate IT electronically and
eliminating mistakes because of misreading of your doctor’s handwriting

 Reducing health care price or costs by decreasing the need for repeat medical tests
by different doctors and eliminating storage space and staff time to maintain
medical reports or records.

 Improving your quality of care by decreasing medical errors and assuring that all
your health care providers have accurate and timely information.

Although Health Information technology many uses throughout our healthcare

system, three important types of HIT may affect you in the near future as more

consumers use personal health records (PHRs) and more physicians use electronic

health records (EHRs) and electronic prescribing (e-Rx).

In general, IT allows health care providers to collect, store, retrieve, and transfer
Information Electronically. However, more specific discussion of IT in health care is
challenging due to the lack of precise definitions, the volume of applications, and a
rapid pace of change in technology.

Similar terms can be used to define different products, and the exact functions of a
system will depend on the specifics of its implementation in a given setting. Both the
teams and the functions also change over time. For example computerized provider
order entry (CPOE), which can minimize handwriting or other communication errors
by having physicians or other providers enter orders into a computer system.

By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

Information Technology in Commercial/ business

Now a day’s widely acknowledge today that new technologies, in particular
access to the Online or Internet, ten to modify communication between that different
players in the professional world.

The fundamental reasons for the popularity of computers with small
businesses are their efficiency, speed, low procurement cost and more than anything
else, capability to handle multiple tasks with little chance for error.

Office usual Routines: Almost invariably, Commercial and e-Businesses
loaded with the burden of increasing of workloads and the pressures of being lean and
mean, fall back upon technology for most of their administrative tasks. This work
includes, among others, bookkeeping, inventory managing and emails. The advent of
the internet has also substantially contributed in bringing down the cost of
communication and marketing. In a nutshell, technology has reduced the overall cost
of business operations.
 Relationships between the enterprise and it clients.
 The internal Functioning of the enterprise, including enterprise-employee
 The relationship of the enterprise with its different partners and suppliers

The term “e-Business” therefore refers to the integration, within the company,
of tools based on information and communication technologies (generally referred to
as business software) to improve their functioning in order to create values for the
enterprise, its clients, and its partners.

E-Business no longer only applies to virtual companies all of whose activities are based on
the net, but also to traditional companies

The term e-Commerce, which is frequently mixed up with the term e-Business, as a matter of
fact, only covers on aspect of e-Business, i.e. the use of an electronic support for the
commercial relationship between a company and individuals.

The purpose of this document is to present the different underlying “technologies” (in reality,
organizational modes based on information and communication technologies) and their
associated acronyms.
By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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Fundamentals of IT

Information Technology in Communication
You can enjoy the fantasy world of a virtual reality games and make friends with
people on the other side of the world via the internet. Information technology(IT) is
the use of computers to handle, store, process, and transmit information. The key to
information technology is software: sets of instructions called programs that tell
computers what to do. Software can be used to design magazines and forecast the
weather, and may even one day enable computers to think like humans.

Text, pictures, sounds and other information is sent
across the internet from computer to computer in the
form of binary digits, or bits. The bits are coded in
type of computer language called a protocol, and
sendas tiny “packets” of data.

Information technology is the most important for
communication. now-a-days business operations are
carried on in large volumes and over long distances.
Foreign trade has developed to great extent. All
countries are concentrating on their export and import
trade to improve their foreign exchange. all these
necessitate the development of communication forms
to communicate with people all over the world with in a shortest possible time. To
meet the requirements of the business world, many new forms of communication are
devices. of them, internet forms the important means of information and
communication. Internet can be describes as a boon in the field of communication.
Internet, Electronic mail(E-mail),Electronic Data Interchange(EDI),paging devices,
fax, voice mail, video conferencing, telephone answering machines are helps for
communications. Mechanical devices like signal, speaking tubes, dictating machine,
telephones, intercom system, electric paging system, house telephone or executive
system also used in communication.

Modern business requires modern technology. Any business that expects to thrive
today must have at least a basic understanding of the various innovations, programs
and devices as well as the knowledge of how to apply these technologies. The many
tools and powers that technology makes available to the business owner and
employees can help the business succeed in its goals after understanding how to use
them properly.

Before anything else, work can be done
collaborating projects and documents using
such computer programs such as Google Docs,
Zhou Writer and, to a lesser extent, MS Word,
which allows several users to work on a single
document while placing changes/descriptions
and even modifying the document in real-time.
While the ideal of a "paperless office" is still a
few years away, businesses can use the
Internet or internal programs to spur real-time
work on projects so businesses can quickly finish what is needed to succeed.
By K.S.Rathangan
Net Assist International
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