Furniture Care Tips - Make Furniture Last Long

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Furniture Care Tips - Make Furniture Last Long
Whether you are buying a new barcalounger or a large metal wall art, buying
new furniture can be a fun and exciting adventure. But cleaning and caring
for them can be a different story altogether, as many furniture owners think of
this activity as a tedious chore. However, we cannot undermine the
importance of proper caring for the furniture because this makes these pieces
last a long time with us.
There is a wide array of furniture of different materials to choose from. Each
material requires a different kind of cleaning method. To help you care for
your furniture properly, here are some wonderful tips to keep in mind.
Wood furniture such as wooden chairs and wooden wall decor must be dusted
regularly, several times a week to maintain a surface free of debris and to
help avoid soil build up. Dust the furniture using a clean, dry and lint-free
cloth. For general cleaning, wash the furniture surface with mild soap and
water. Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth thoroughly afterwards.
Make sure that you protect all your wooden furniture against direct sunlight.
This means that you have to place your wooden chairs and tables away from
the windows but if you do, ensure that the windows are properly covered
with drapes or curtains to minimize sunlight. The sun's strong rays can dry
and fade the color. It is also a bad idea to place wooden furniture near air
vents because forced air can deteriorate the quality of the material.
Aluminum, metal or steel
Proper maintenance of modern furniture made of aluminum, metal or steel
like a large metal wall art can be done through regular dusting and occasional
wiping with soft, damp cloth. For tougher dirt, wash with hot and soapy

water. Rinse and then dry with a soft cloth afterwards.
Never use any abrasive, strong detergent or cleansing powders to clean this
kind of furniture because some of these may contain alkali, which can cause
the pitting of this material. Rinse and dry afterwards.
wall sculptures
Read the manufacturer instructions for care for leather furniture. There are
specific leather conditioners that should be used for cleaning and keeping the
shine of the material. If there are no available instructions, clean dirty leather
by wiping a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.