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3 purple Lights on Your XBox 360 Kinect - Don't
Try the Towel Fix
By Neil Lesfrance 09/07/2013

While you tend to be reading this post then there is the good chance which you have come
around the red ring of death on your own XBox 360 , what is indicated by 3 purple lights
displaying on your own gaming machine XBox's ring of light.

There is actually the also a possibility you have looked the online for how to cure this particular
mistake and also come around a method of fixing your very own XBox 360 called the towel fix or
towel trick.

This particular seems like an easy and also straight forward way of getting your XBox 360 back
up and also running, but you want to feel aware of the drawbacks of using this particular method.

* Exactly what is the towel cure?

Basically the towel cure involves wrapping the towel around your XBox 360 Kinect. In abruptly the
cure goes because follows:

1. Wrap the towel around your very own Xbox 360 Kinect.

2. Flip your XBox 360 through for around 10-15 minutes.

3. Turn off your very own XBox remove the towel and also allow in order to cool up.

4. Flip your very own XBox back through.

When this doesn't resolve your problem after that try once more.

* Why is the towel fix supposed to work?

The 3 red lights on your XBox 30 mistake is actually resulted in by overheating which makes the
solder connections around your very own machine in order to loosen and crack. Supposedly the
towel cure raises the environment around your XBox to such a level that the solder softens and
causes the connections in order to re-join. To view product Follow this link:

Also, the 3 red lights through your xBox 360 Kinect is actually a great overheating error, think
about it, how can wrapping the towel around your XBox 360, consequently covering all vents and
causing your very own XBox in order to overheat likewise a lot more try to be the permanent fix.

Generally there is a potential for bringing the temperature inside your XBox to these types of a
extreme level which it might initiate a flames which can transfer in order to the towel and also
possibly your home.

* So just what can I choose?

1. Get as part of touch with Microsoft assistance and also send it separated for fix. The primary
drawback with this choice is the fact that it can expense you around $150 if your XBox is actually
no longer covered by the guarantee and also it could take between 1 and also 2 months in order
to feel repaired and also came back in order to your.

2. Buy a new XBox 360 People with this particular error (especially if it is out of warranty) have

just chose to purchase the brand new in order to help them in order to get in return to gaming
because quickly since possible. In some cases they have available their faulty XBox 360 on eBay
so as in order to cover a few of the price any brand new buy. Many americans which understand
exactly how to cure the purple ring of death buy defective XBox 360's as part of order in order to
fix and resell them. Needless to say there is the potential for your XBox to either not sell or just
sell for the few dollars.

3. Your third choice will be fix the XBox 360 Kinect purple ring of death yourself. This is simply not
because hard as you might think, recently there are numerous guides in order to correcting the
Xbox 360 red ring of death that you simply can get for a lot less than the cost of the brand new
XBox 360 or the price sending it back for repair in order to Microsoft.

These Xbox 360 repair guides give you complete instructions, numerous with instructional video
clips, in order to permit you in order to fix the 3 purple lights on your own XBox 360 error your self,
with tools you probably already have in your home, in around 1 - 2 hours.

During the end of the day it's up in order to your if you wish to take the possibility and try the towel
fix, however your do so at your very own risk. Simply make sure you have got taken inside
account all the points and options raised as part of this post and create sure your don't leave your
very own Xbox 360 Kinect unattended.

About the Author: Neil Lesfrance invites you in order to browse 3 purple Lights On Xbox 360
where he offers a free review to the really guides he has found through exactly how to Fix the 3
purple Lights on your own XBox 360 mistake.