Get Best Solution for Injection Molding Machine at Genca

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Get Best Solution for Injection Molding Machine at Genca
Are you looking to get some innovative design for your OEM system or for Injection Molding
Machine? In that case you can only get satisfactory solution at Genca Engineering. Actually
you can get different service for getting ultra modern molding solution screw and barrel but
when the point comes about best service then you never get any other best solution than
Genca. Not only this service is best for injection molding but also it can arrange best service for
Extrusion Dies. Most attractive part of this service is that; they can give your latest design on
injection molding. If you are interested to get many other special service of this engineering
solution then take a look on the following and have details.
List of Special Service:
Before going to the any other details let's first take a look on best services of the Genca
engineering. First of all they are well known for providing quality product. On the list of their
quality product you can get different sized screws and barrels of different price. On the list of
these products you can get; different sized screw of maximum diameter of 30 inch and till the
point 24 inch. Other than that; here you can get barrel up to 12 inches ID. Moreover; all those
screws and barrels are powered by; colmonoy # 56, tungsten carbide, colmonoy # 83, coltung
and satellite 6 and so forth.
Why They are Best?
Now you may be thinking that; all these special products you can easily find any other places;
so what is the better thing about Genca. In this point you will be glad to know that; all those
products are manufactured by latest design and best material so that you can be assure about
the longevity of those screws and barrel. Including these; they are best on supplying;
crossheads, tips & dies, clamps, check valves, deflectors, breaker plates, heaters and many
others. There is some other reason to address them as a best service and that is they provide
instant shipping and that also at attractive price and with special care. Their highlighting
services are;
Hard facing alloys welding by PTA/MIG/TIG/OXY processes
Surface planting
Hard facing alloys thermal spraying
Base material featured by surface treatment
So; if you are interested to get best service from Genca Engineering solution then simply
contact with them online or on telephone. Therefore choose best machine for injection molding
from this place and many best engineering solution at attractive price.