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I found Pragvis Recycling online when I was wanted to
recycle Nokia phone. The price Pragvis Recycling was
offering for me to recycle my Nokia was the best I could
get. I even used mobile recycling price comparison
websites and although I did not find Pragvis Recycling on
any of these sites the Pragvis Recycling deal was still the
best deal for my Nokia recycle.
I visited their website to sell my Nokia E70. It was so
easy to use their website and in a matter of minutes I had placed and completed my
order on They even offered a freepost service. Immediately
after completing my order I got an e-mail to confirm that my online order had been
received. Enjoying my experience so far I promptly dispatched my Nokia phone
for recycling.
Few days later, Pragvis Recycling contacted me to inform me that they had just
received my mobile. This was only 10 o'clock in the morning! And in a couple of
more hours they e-mailed me again to confirm that payment had been made for my
Nokia recycle. It was simply amazing!
The above was the account of one of Pragvis Recycling's numerous satisfied
customers who have done a trade in mobiles. Customer Anthony recycled his
Nokia but whether you want to recycle Sony Ericsson, HTC recycle or it is
Blackberry recycle you are interested in the customer service experience is

similar. You can also recycle Nokia just like Anthony or sell Apple iPhone,
recycle Sagem, Samsung recycle or Siemens recycle.
Start selling your used, old or unwanted mobile today and get cash for mobile.
Visit Pragvis Recycling website today at to place your first
order. It's simple, it's real, it's the best deal backed with excellent customer service
that keeps you informed every step of the way.
P.O. Box 59052
E13 3BL
Phone: 07501932000
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