Get Next Gen Datacenters with Datacenter Transformation

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Get Next Gen Datacenters with Datacenter Transformation

As organizations grew and evolved, the earlier approach was to add more hardware, more redundancy,
more storage and more people. However, the global economic malaise made everyone realize the
impracticality of such an approach. Hence, the concept of doing more with more gave way to doing more
with less.

Today' IT environments are more complex with stricter regulatory guidelines, compliance requirements
and budgets. Considering the current economic crisis, companies and organizations are forced to look for
ways to enhance service levels with existing resources. Hence, the need of the hour is an IT strategy that
can help achieve the speed and agility that IT organizations need to attain business growth. This is what
companies and organizations hope to achieve with datacenter transformation.

Through datacenter transformation, companies can transform their existing datacenters to service
oriented, agile, smart, green and future ready datacenters. The following are different ways of doing
datacenter transformation.

Datacenter Consolidation
As the name suggests, datacenter consolidation is the merger of two or more datacenters into a single
facility. Managing and maintaining a larger datacenter is much more easy and cost effective than
managing multiple data centers. Datacenter consolidation helps companies and organizations to cut
down costs and complexity and thereby fast track business success.

Datacenter Virtualization
Datacenter virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of a datacenter. The benefits of
datacenter virtualization are enhanced scalability and reduced operational complexities. The notable
advantage is that it increases performance by using available resources and assets.

Datacenter Hosting
Another important aspect of datacenter transformation is datacenter hosting. Companies and
organizations can gain access to information technology services through internet connectivity. With the
number of third party service providers ready to provide different kinds of services namely wide area
communications, internet access, web or application hosting, co-location services, dedicated hosting,
firewall services, disaster recovery services, managed servers, and storage networks, companies need
not invest in new datacenters anymore.

Datacenter Automation

Datacenter automation refers to the automation of those high volume and labor-intensive repetitive tasks
from service provisioning, configuration, workloads to compliance. The advantages of datacenter
automation are reduced costs and errors, improved service levels and increased visibility and control.

Green Datacenter
Green datacenters are those datacenters where the mechanical, lighting, and electrical
needs of the datacenters are met by using environmentally friendly power sources such as wind, solar
power, hydropower, biomass and so on. Green Datacenter not only helps to cut down costs but also
reduces carbon footprint and help maintain a cleaner planet.

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