Get Transported into Another World with Enid Blyton

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Get Transported into Another World with Enid Blyton

If you are a big Enid Blyton fan, you are most likely to remember that those books opened up young and
impressionable minds to different worlds, worlds that were magical and also culturally different. Most
young readers find her fantasy stories about pixies, gnomes and fairies more appealing since they are
short and have straightforward plots that almost always convey certain moral messages. These stories
could be a simple but useful as a platform to educate young children. Older readers might find her
detective or boarding school stories more interesting and exciting. Most popular are the Famous Five,
Secret Seven and Naughtiest Girl, St. Clare's and the Malory Tower series. They have more developed
plots and complex characters but still spiced with fun, adventure and excitement, the perfect ingredients
to keep kids going on book after book.

It is no doubt that Enid Blyton is still the world's greatest storyteller for children.
Generations of children many countries have grown reading Enid Blyton books. Primary school
children of different ages loved them because they were fun and allowed them to practice and perfect their
new reading skills. With the growing importance of the English language, some teachers have found that
the Blyton books with the limited vocabulary are a wonderful vehicle for teaching English. The vocabulary
and simple story lines in Enid Blyton books are tailored for these children. The Blyton books were not the
highly imaginative books that might imprint on young minds. Still they may have been enjoyable reads
that were useful to young readers.

Enid Mary Blyton , known as both Enid Blyton and Mary Pollock was one of the most successful children's
storytellers of the twentieth century. Once described as a "one-woman fiction machine", she is noted for
numerous series of books based on recurring characters and designed for different age groups. She
certainly was the most prolific author of all time, and with over 700 books and 10,000 short stories to her
name, she is likely to remain so for years to come. Enid Blyton wrote books that children loved to read and
attracted them to books and her books have enjoyed popular success in many parts of the world.

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