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Recovering material from industrial buildings, plants, and old buildings saves you money
when demolishing buildings.
*Leading demolition contractor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
*Plant dismantling and industrial cleanout specialists
*Years of experience with demolishing silos
*Recycle demolition materials for plant liquidation
With our emphasis on reuse, reselling, recycling and preservation, TAMCO saves you real
money on any project. We have access to a wide selection of industry resources, and can
ensure all specialized permits, legal requirements and certifications are in place for every
job. Whether a plant liquidation or other commercial building demolition, we have the
experience and the legal expertise to guarantee your project goes smoothly.

One of the best ways to lower the total cost of your demolition project is to recycle,
reuse, and/or preserve as much of your scrap material as possible.
In an effort to limit the amount of reusable waste that gets dumped into our nation's
landfills, many areas have imposed high disposal fees in order to encourage recycling
TAMCO regularly recycles metal, stone, and other popular building materials, and can
evaluate your project to determine what materials you can recycle and/or reuse. TAMCO
also markets scrap material for resale in several different markets, including theInternet
(even on eBay!).
By reaching out to a large group of interested buyers, TAMCO can readily sell the
materials that are simply too expensive to discard.As the price of building materials
continues to increase, the resale market can be very lucrative, indeed!
The possibilities are endless! The more you can recycle, resell,and preserve, the more you
can save!