Getting Back Pain Relief The Natural Way

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If you have been suffering from a herniated
disc, you should consider seeking professional
help to get back pain relief. You cannot keep
taking painkillers forever because prolonged
use of prescription drugs can damage your
liver. Stronger medication can also lead to
addiction problems later on. You do not need
to have surgery either if you can find a natural

Consider visiting a chiropractic facility near
you. Chiropractors can treat these problems
naturally and safely without the need of using
prescription drugs or medication. Chiropractic
care involves manually manipulating the
spinal cord to realign your discs. If your discs
are herniated, your chiropractic doctor may
also recommend decompression methods or
stretching the spine.

Decompression can stretch your spinal cord
which in turn can position your discs back to
their proper places. This method also relieves
any pressure build up between you discs that
are pinching your nerves. When your nerves
are pinched between the discs, they get
irritated and may cause pain in your back and
affect your legs and neck.

If you seek pain relief from an experienced
chiropractor, expect to get an exam which may
include an x-ray. Your doctor will analyze your
test results and determine the best resolution to
relieve your discomfort. He may recommend
manual spine manipulation which involves
lying on your stomach while your doctor
presses down on your spinal cord.

Decompression of the spine on the other hand
involves lying on a decompression table. This
table is movable and can stretch your spine or
bend it in different angles. As your spine is
manipulated by the device, your spine
stretches. When the pressure is released your
discs will fall back into place. Your doctor may
also use his hands to reposition your discs.

As you can see, all the methods that your
chiropractic doctor will apply do not involve
invasive procedures or prescription drugs.
They are natural and safe hence do not expose
you to the risk of infection or organ damage
from taking too much medication. There is also
no recovery time needed unlike surgery which
requires several weeks of recuperation.

If you are seeking alternative solutions for back
pain relief you might find what you need from
a chiropractic doctor. You can visit a facility
near your home or office for a quick
assessment. Your examination will not be
painful or cause you discomfort afterwards.
You can even get assessed during your office
lunch break.