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Just crazy about girls - all my thoughts about girl-girl love! Come and visit my website to read more
about my antics.
Girl Crazy
My current GF had been reading those 50 Shades books nonstop, so I surprised her one night and
got out the Sinful Pink Wrist Cuffthat I'd bought for her. She was obviously a little shocked, but more
inclined over the fact that I needed ordered something online; I can barely turn the computer on,
than the nature from the package.
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She wasnt hesitant in any way, and after one consider the cuffs rushed off to placed on her sexiest
lingerie. So far, so good. She came out looking amazing, and i also took the cuffs and set them
around her wrists. They can fit easily with an adjustable length plus a buckle that kept the restraints
securely on, but without resorting to a lock and key. I quickly took my belt and tied them to the
headboard, leaving her at my mercy.
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I have to say she looked incredible in the cuffs, with the shiny pink vinyl round her wrists. In fact she
looked so excellent that I had to remove the next surprise, the matching Sinful Pink Blindfold. I took
time with her, using my hands and my mouth to offer her pleasure, and in between I snuck in
another final surprise that had her gasping, some soft caresses in the Touche Tickler in Pink.
Im fairly certain I could get anything I want after things i just surprised my GF with, and fulfilled a
few of her 50 Shades fantasies, but all I really want is to do it again.