GlobalLogic reinvests 200 jobs and 2 Million Euros in KošiceGlobalLogic reinvests 200 jobs and 2 Million Euros in Košice

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GlobalLogic reinvests 200 jobs and 2 Million Euros in Koice
Koice, Slovakia - September , 2014 - GlobalLogic Inc., a full-lifecycle product development services provider based in the U.S. Silicon
Valley, opened a new engineering center in Koice, Slovakia this past June. The company's expansion into Central and Eastern Europe
is being led by Ivan Hruka, an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of technology experience and the former president of Ness Europe.
With over 8,000 employees located in 24 offices across the globe, GlobalLogic is an international leader in high-tech research and
development. The company leverages its deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to help hundreds of companies launch
market-defining products. GlobalLogic provides product experience, product engineering, content management, and system
operations and support services from its engineering and design centers in the US, UK, Argentina, Slovakia, Ukraine, India, and China.
"Over the past 15 years, we have collaborated on over 22,000 projects with both start-ups and technology leaders such as Oracle,
Coca-Cola, Avid, and Sky," said Ajmal Noorani, Senior Vice President of Technology, GlobalLogic Inc. "From powerful media editing
tools to life-saving medical devices, GlobalLogic is the driving force behind some of today's most exciting products. By expanding into
Central Europe, we are growing the company in a key market while continuing to provide our customers with the best engineering
talent in the world. I am fully confident that Ivan Hruka and his stellar team will further solidify our position in the European market."
"Slovakia is one of the most rapidly growing economies in Europe and has a strong focus on R&D and innovation in the technology
sector," said Ivan Hruka, Head of Central Europe, GlobalLogic. "The self-governing region of Koice and the city of Koice are often
referred to as `IT Valley,' and it has a well-developed education system that is constantly being improved. Koice is the perfect
location for GlobalLogic to establish a new innovation center, and I believe the company will bring many interesting new jobs to the
GlobalLogic will reinvest 2 Million Euros in two years in Koice and create 200 positions for engineers with specializations in iOS, C++,
C#, Java, and .NET. The company will hire software architects, project managers, team leaders, and IT experts with experience in the
healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, and high-tech markets. Positions will be available for both junior university graduates
and senior experts.
With an innovative work environment, exciting projects, and a culture of open communication, GlobalLogic is continuously being
recognized as a top global employer. "We want to be the best IT employer in the region," said Marek Antal, Vice President of Delivery,
GlobalLogic Slovakia. "Currently we employ 60 technology specialists, and we plan to triple that number within two years. Our long-
term goal is to build the center up to 500 developers within four years."
"Our designers and engineers choose to work for GlobalLogic because the company offers many opportunities," added Hruka. "With
offices in Ukraine and now Slovakia - and with plans to expand into Poland, the Czech Republic, or Romania - we are becoming the
technology delivery hub for Central and Eastern Europe. Our goal is to open another thousand development positions in the region.
We are also committed to collaborating with the local IT community and universities to help improve technology education across all
"GlobalLogic is everything a leading IT firm should be: focused on innovative products and disruptive technologies in order to address
a wide range of customer needs," said Thatcher Scharpf, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy, Bratislava. "Our Embassy is very
excited that GlobalLogic has chosen Slovakia as a partner. On behalf of the U.S. government, I wish GlobalLogic great success and
hope that it continues serving as a model for the bright future in Information and Communication Technologies that our two countries

About GlobalLogic
GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry
experience to connect makers with markets worldwide. Using insight gained from working on innovative products and disruptive
technologies, we collaborate with customers to show them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing
their future. Headquartered in the United States, GlobalLogic operates design and engineering centers around the world, extending
the benefits of its authentic global presence to customers in digital media, electronics, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, retail, and
telecom industries. The company works with both start-ups and industry leaders, including many of the world's top hardware,
software, and consumer brands.
GlobalLogic is a trademark of GlobalLogic. All other brands, products or service names are or may be trademarks or service marks of
their respective owners.
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Marek Antal
Vice President, Engineering, GlobalLogic Slovakia
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