Glowing Stripes

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Step 1:
Start up Photoshop and open a new document. (File >New)
Step 2:
Name your file, and set the width and the height to 500px and click OK.

Step 3:
Double-click on the background layer which brings up the new layer menu. Name the
layer Background and press OK to unlock it.

Step 4:
Create a new layer. (Layer>New>Layer or 1ctrl + shift + n) and name it Glowing Stripes.
Step 5:
Select the brush tool from the tool bar and right-click on the layer. It will bring up the
brush properties. Set the size to 10-12px and the hardness to a 100%. Choose the Hard
Round Pressure Size (Mainly placed as number four)

1 Shortcut

Step 6:
Select the pen tool from the tool bar and create a stripe.

Step 7:
Right-click on the stripe you just made and click stroke path. This brings up stroke path
properties. Select brush as the tool and make sure that simulate pressure is checked.
Click OK.

Step 8:
When the layer Glowing Stripes is selected, press enter to delete the path.

Step 9:
Double-click on the layer Glowing Stripes. This will open up the layer styles.
Step 10:
Apply Outer Glow. Set the Blend Mode to Normal, opacity up to 100%. Change the Color
of the glow to whatever you want.

Step 11:
Apply Inner Glow. Select the same settings as before but with another color.

Congrats on your first Glowing Stripe: