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GOAL-DRIVEN WEB STRATEGYImplementing Technology with an Eye on ROIReturn on Investment: the magic number that will make you look like a golden god Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andyfitzWhat office do you work for on campus? 
Do you consider yourself a “marketer”?
What is the difference between 
MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS ? Communications makes “marketing tactics tangible”Cartoon THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET OF WEB MARKETINGMARKETING FRAMEWORK1.  SET STRATEGY: What are your higher level goals? What does success look like?2.  PLAN TACTICS: What types of communications will we use to achieve our goals and how will we measure results? 3.  EXECUTE COMMUNICATION: Communicate with your audience using planned tactics.4.  ASSESS RESULTS: Did we achieve our goals? What can we do better next time?SET STRATEGYo  What does success look like?o  Marketing goals should relate back to the business goals of the institution