Going Green - What You Can Do

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Helpful and Easy Suggestions for Everyday Green Living

You will know about the problems of pollution and global warming caused by humans, after all it's
constantly mentioned in the news. I'm sure there are individuals who, despite feeling a strong urge
to lend assistance, are in the dark about how to go about it. People are prone to think that if they
can't do something major they may as well do nothing, but there are many small behavioural
changes which collectively are powerful. Here are a few useful things you can do.

1. Always use your laptop computer, not a desktop computer.
Computers today are ubiquitous, with many applications. Laptops use more or less half the energy
used by a desktop computer, so use a laptop if possible. Additionally, never mind being more
inexpensive, laptops are light and compact and can be taken along to virtually all places you go to.

2. If it's close enough, walk
One of the first things that come to mind when pollution is mentioned is cars. Much pollution of the
environment is the result of the release of poisonous gases through the combustion of a
automobile's fuel. The volume of gases from autos poisoning the atmosphere each day is huge,
given the vast number of cars in use globally. To make less of an adverse impact on the
environment, we need to walk more and drive less. Try to walk whenever you can, but don't beat
yourself up if it's not. Next time you find yourself getting behind the wheel for a quick trip to the
corner shop, try walking. You'll be able to get a bit of workout, save money, and lower your
personal tally of gas emissions.

3. Try not to leave the faucet running when you're brushing your teeth
Because water is just a turn of the faucet away, we use it without thinking, and waste a lot as we
do so. Don't waste water the next time you are brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. It's a large
amount of water that comes out of the tap in the two minutes of teeth brushing. A good idea is to
simply fill a cup with water and use that to rinse your mouth out as less water is wasted.

4. Having a shower uses less amount of water
Taking a shower consumes less energy and water than taking a bath, so go for taking a shower.
But then again, if you take long showers, you'll undo any good! If you are not able to make your
shower short, you aren't going to save water.

5. Don't leave lights switched on day in and day out
If you are not going to be back in a room for more than 5 minutes, try not to leave the light turned
on. If a room is vacant, what purpose is served by leaving a light switched on? You'll save energy
in this manner, which will save you money on the side and help the environment. When there's
sunlight outside, don't turn on the inside lights since the sunlight will provide lots of light to your

Observing these helpful tips won't cost you a penny. As a matter of fact, they'll likely save you
money. So answer the call - get started living green.

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