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Going To Dubai

International City is a themed architectural area in Dubai
implemented with a vision to provide affordable but stylish living
experience for many people who cherish the dream for a home in a
much convenient location in Dubai. International City in Dubai
spreads over 800 hectares provides suitable facilities to ful ll the
business and retail needs. The design of International City is inspired
by the patterned traditional carpets that are very popular in the
Middle East. A great centre renowned for its tourist attractions with
its full
edged residential amenities, Dubai international City
continues to lure people round the globe.
The Dubai International city is located in the Al Warsan region in
Dubai, along the Dubai-Hatta road and the Emirates road, opposite
to the famous Dubai fruit and vegetable market. In close proximity to
Dubai International Airport, it takes only a 20 minute drive from the
centre of the city. Very recently, International City is credited with
the world's busiest airport for international passengers, beating the
Heathrow airport status. The key areas include Dubai Design Centre,
Dragon Mart, The Residential District, The Central District, The Lake
District and The Forbidden City.
Conveyance By Bus In Dubai International City
The Roads and Transport Authority has many buses plying between
International City and other major parts of Dubai, the gold Souk
Station, in particular. Buses were scheduled to run from Gold Souk
Station to International City during morning till 10 a.m. and the
second leg starts from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. catering to the conveyance
requirements during the busy hours. The bus service operates
between other times enter the international city through Hatta.
During the return journey form Gold souk station, buses travel via Al
Manama Road.
A Vibrant Hub For Splendid Residential Places
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International City lets you avail the most affordable yet quality
residential apartments in Dubai with world class residential
amenities with proximity to educational institutions and health
facilities. It is adjacent to Dubai Central and vegetable market and the
City centre. Conveyance is so convenient with the provision for
shuttle bus service facilities. All these pros make International City
the most sought after residential area in Dubai.
The Residential District
As the name suggests, the place caters to the residential needs with
its luxurious free hold apartments known for its distinct architectural
styles of world nations such as Morocco, Spain, Indonesia, china,
England, France, Thailand, Persia, Russia and Greece. The apartments
are classi ed in to large and medium sized neighborhoods. Designed
to accommodate over 60000 people, the apartment can be converted
to two bed room
ats. The Residential district is spread across a
whopping 3000 hectares of land with 2100 studio apartments and
single bedroom apartments.
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City spreads over 240 square meters and the design
inspiration is none other than ancient buildings of China. It has
residential as well as retail facilities whose beauty enhanced by the
presence of sprawling gardens, performance courts and museums.
The Lake District
The Lake District and Public Park comprise of 60 hectors of green
landscape adjacent to a calm and soothing lake. It houses a total of
1375 apartments with 20-26 buildings having 2 and 3 bedrooms. The
Lake District is a popular residential area in Dubai International City.
Shopping Surprises In International City
Dragon Mart
Dragon Mart renowned as the largest Chinese trading centre outside
China. It comprises of 50 hectares, with its design in the form of a
colorful dragon whose length extending over 1.4 kilometers. The
head serves as the main entrance which lets you access the Mall from
Dubai-Hatta road. With a parking facility of over 2000 numbers, it is
the leading commercial center for thousands of Chinese companies.
Dubai Design Centre
Dubai Design Centre carry out an exclusive area for temporary
events and exhibitions and spreads around the three sides of
Internet City. Moreover, it provides lodging facilities with three to
four hundred rooms to facilitate the visitors coming for the
Restaurants In International City
Cedar Tree restaurant
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If you are visiting the International City, have a great time in Cedar
Tree restaurant to savor the traditional Lebanese restaurant. I bet,
you would love to enjoy some good time while dining out in the
world's best cold and Hot Mezze, nger licking sandwiches, delicious
grills. Baked with extreme care and perfection, the Cedar Tree
restaurant offers one of the best shining services in Dubai.
Warsan Mandi Restaurant
As opposed to many other Mandi restaurants in Dubai, this
particular one has smaller interiors with outdoor seating facilities.
However, we might seem quite dif cult to adjust with the scorching
heat during the daytime. Warsan Mandi is the best place to order
Chicken Mandi, with chicken soup served with salad. With quick
customer care and service, Warsan Mandi restaurant provides
authentic foods to keep away from your cravings for traditional
Chicken Mandi cuisine.
Emly Chilli Restaurant
A ne dining place for chicken recipes, samosas, fries, parathas, spring
rolls and an array of South Asian cuisine avored with its specially
ground spices. Located in the Al Warsan region of Dubai, opposite to
the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable market, Emly Chilli Restaurant
is easily accessible while you are in and around the International City.
Rare restaurant
Conveniently located at Desert Palm, Rare restaurant as the name
suggest provides you with rare steak cuisines. Believe me, Rare tops
the list on your favorite steak house restaurant with a calm ambience
and this place is not just going to charm with the recipes they serve,
but also with the way they care for their customers. No doubt, once
visited, you will come back again to relish the exquisite taste that is
identified with Rare restaurant.
Soy to Chutney
A fantastic food joint where you can experience a range of South
Asian cuisines from China to India. If you like to enjoy some Spicy
south Asian delicacies, there is no great dining out other than Soy to
Chutney. A rather modern restaurant with very attentive customer
service and lets you enjoy your dine out in an amicable ambience.
Apart from the mains, the restaurant offers some authentic
traditional South Asian desserts which seems more popular among
the food lovers. A few surprising desserts to name include gajar ka
halwa cooked with sweetened mashed carrots and a dollop of
avored ice creams on top. The traditional Indian dessert Malai Kul
a specially made cardamom avored ice cream is extremely popular
among dessert lovers.
Hush Burger
A bustling burger joint for awesome spicy burgers let you enjoy every
bite sealed with quality and ambience.?The interior beckons you with
the charming decor and friendly atmosphere and the fresco dining
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area, a perfect place to dine during the weather becomes much cooler.
The cozy atmosphere at Hush Burgers lets you spend hours enjoying
the healthy and affordable food. Rex Burger made with ground
Brazilian beef topped with fresh vegetable and melted cedar cheese is
the most popular one. The food served here is fresh and it is worth
the money you pay. Take a culinary trip down the Hush Burger
Restaurant to relish the indelible tastes in burgers.
Al Karama- A Great Location To Chill Out
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Dubai International City-Where You Love To Reside Forever
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