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Going To Dubai

Al Karama or Karama is a vibrant district in Dubai. It just seems
similar to Bur Dubai with its low rise apartments. Karama is located in
the older part of Dubai close to Dubai Creek and widely known for its
residential apartments. Al Karama is the most prominent residential
area in the entire Dubai. On the southern side, Karama shares its
border with Za'abeel Park and diplomatic area in the north. It joins
the Trade Centre Road in the western side where it houses the
most popular Bur Juman Mal .
Most of the population in Karama constitute the middle class South
Asian expatriates with working class of nationalities including Indian,
Iranian, Lebanese and European. Majority of the nationals are non-
residents living in rented apartments. The Center part of Karama is
Karama Centre constitutes a residential building, other major
attractions being the Karama Park (Lulu Park). Karama is a buzzing
centre In Dubai for fun and entertainment.
Getting around in Al Karama
Al Karama Bus station
Al Karama Bus station, quite near the Za'abeel road is 256 meters
away from the Karama Shopping Center. It is easily accessible from
al major centers in Karama and thus facilitate the travel around in

many places in Karama.
Residential centre in Al Karama
Al Karama
As discussed above, Karama has many low rise apartments
facilitating the residential needs of bulk of the working class expats.
The place, by the side of Dubai Creek is dominated by South Asian
populace, Indians in particular. Since these apartments are rented at
reasonable rates and located in a convenient place in the middle of
the district, it is mostly preferred by working foreign nationals.
The district is also very popular for the traditional South Asian,
Indian and International restaurants catering to the dining needs of
the residents in Karama. Bur Juman Shopping Mal and Al Karama
Shopping Center let you enjoy some shopping surprises, fun and
Familiarize with the streets in Dubai
Karama Centre
Karama Centre, the bustling shopping spot in Karama is a must visit
place for any visitor. Identi ed as the favorite shopping destination
in Karama, it caters to the requirements of al communities living in
and around the vibrant district. The shopping centre organizes an
array of entertainment activities such as cultural concerts and
events for over a decade ever since its inauguration.
Karama Shopping Center embracing the requirements of various
communities living in the locality takes efforts to be part of the
events conducted on behalf of Government of Dubai such as Dubai
Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises and lately the Ediyat
Dubai. Right from its establishment in the most prominent area in
Karama, Karama Centre is sponsoring these special events in Dubai.
Karama shopping centre enjoys a distinct position among al
shopping centers in Dubai as it is an active member in Middle East
Council of Shopping Centers as wel as the International Council of
shopping centers.
Al Attar Shopping Mall

One of the famous shopping mal in Dubai, in close proximity to Dubai
municipality, Al Attar shopping Mal is a place to nd the best bargain
on a variety of goods such as watches, bags, mobile phone
accessories, perfumes, used cel phones and so on. There are
hundreds of retail outlets, cafeterias, smal restaurants and coffee
The Karama Market
The Karama market located at the adjacent side of Dubai Creek is
popular shopping centre dealing with Arabian heritage items, T-
shirts, jeans, handbags at a much lower rate. If you are so eager to
explore the smal shops, enjoy bargains and purchase quality goods,
Karama market serves the purpose. A great shopping place where
you can have sensible bargains, ne customer care and pleasant
shopping experience. A variety of reasonably priced merchandise
lets you fulfil your shopping needs without draining off your wal et.
Union Co-operative Society
A chain of hypermarkets with seven outlets in the residential areas
of Dubai, Union Co-operative Society serves the shopping needs of
the entire population living in Towar, Karama, Al Mankhool, Al
Rashidiya, Satwa, Hamriya and Al Aweer. Of these seven Jumeirah,
Karama and Towar Union Co-operative societies are operating
24X7 to serve the bulk of the customers. The payment is facilitated
by a unique pre-paid card named Al Afdhal card while purchasing
from any branch of the Union Co-operative Society.
Make Use Of The Metro Stations in Al Karama
Al Karama Metro Station / ADCB Station
Karama is served by a Metro Station, located right in the middle of
the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, adjacent to the Union Co-
operative super market. Al Karama metro Station, the busiest stop
on the Dubai Red line Metro is now cal ed Abu Dhabi Commercial
Bank (ADCB) Station as announced by the Roads and Transport
Authority. Since the Roads and Transport Authority had signed an
agreement with the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, it has acquired the
right of naming the Metros Stations across the Red and Green lines
coming under the Dubai Metro project.

Where To Find Sumptuous cuisines In Karama
Fortune Karama Hotel
A major landmark in Karama, the Fortune Karama Hotel offers best
suits to facilitate the requirements of corporate as wel as tourists.
The Hotel is ful y equipped with world class lodging and
accommodation facilities with 130 rooms and suits, 9 food and
beverages outlets supplying international cuisines. Furthermore, it is
not just a restaurant to beat the hunger, but also a great place to
unwind yourself with a number of entertainment activities such as
health club, sky swimming pool and a lot more facilities.
Ramee Royal Hotel
The Ramee Royal Hotel, located right in the middle of Golden
triangle of Dubai, near Al Karama beside the Maktoum Bridge. The
hotel is equi-distant from the Deira, Shaikh Khalifa Zayed Road and
Bur Dubai. It takes only a ve minutes drive from these three
business hub to the Ramee Royal Hotel. Furthermore, The Dubai
International Airport is only ve kilometers away from the Hotel and
provides an easy access to Trade Center and Bur Juman Shopping
Mal . The Ramee Royal Hotel is central y located and hence caters to
the requirements of visitors coming down to Al Karama.
Singapore Deli
If you are craving for some Malay cuisine delicacies, just stop over at
Singapore Deli to savor your taste buds. A wonderful place to dine
out, Singapore Deli lets you enjoy the traditional cuisines of
Singapore with a range of desserts, spicy dishes, Rendang, Bak Kut
The, Salay and a lot more.
Student Biryani
Student biryani, the popular restaurant in Al Karama serves Indian
and Pakistani cuisines. Though it seems similar with the western fast
food outlets, it typical y serves the traditional menu. The restaurant
in its initial days is intended cater to the requirements of students.
Student Biryani specializes in scrumptious spicy
avored food
delicacies which is the hal mark of traditional Indian and Pakistani
foods. Nevertheless, it is worth dining out here, especial y if you

cannot stop from enjoying a delicious biryani.
Wok It Restaurant
An exquisite restaurant that offers Far Eastern cuisines from
countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, China and
Thailand. Wok It Restaurant provides traditional food as wel as
authentic street food prepared with extreme care that lets you
enjoy every bite. Made possible with the passionate efforts of highly
quali ed chefs and street food experts, Wok It Restaurant is one of
the best restaurants available in Al Karama.
Wok It Restaurant offers quality foods at reasonable rates that lets
you savor the Far Eastern cuisines in contemporary dining rooms
with a warm and amicable atmosphere. You can even take a peek in
to the kitchen where how your orders got transformed in to the
sumptuous foods, which most of the other premium hotels do not
prefer to do.
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Explore T he Historic District Of Dubai
Dubai International City-Where You Love T o Reside Forever
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