Gold, Platinum And Silver All Look Strong In The Near Term Says Pan American Metals of Miami

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Gold, Platinum And Silver All Look Strong In The Near Term Says Pan
American Metals of Miami
(1888PressRelease) Volatility continues in the market but gold still likely to come out on top by
year's end.
(1888PressRelease) MIAMI, FL - So, another tumultuous week on the gold market
draws to a close, leaving gold lower than one might have anticipated. Nevertheless,
predictions still hold for gold to be above $1900, if not at $2000, by the year's end.

Gold does perform differently from the white metals, relying more heavily on safe-
haven investment demand. The apparent easing of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe is
not helping gold at present but the situation is far from contained and there are
sufficient macroeconomic factors to support gold in the long term. Platinum benefits
from both safe-haven and industrial demand; additionally, demand from the jewelry
industry will be particularly strong for platinum whenever the price is lower than the
price of gold, an unusual occurrence. Silver can also be dragged along by gold so that it
too benefits from safe-haven demand.

"Investors should not be overly concerned with the current state of the market for
precious metals," says Bill Hionas, CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami. "The overall
trend remains bullish for gold, despite fluctuations and temporary dips. Savvy
investors have been waiting for just this kind of dip to buy. Market analysts are still
anticipating gold prices to be in the $1900s if not at $2000 before the end of the year."

Platinum should continue to see demand from investment and the jewelry industry,
even if demand from the automotive industry falls off in Europe. Europe accounts for
22% of the automotive demand for platinum, which is used in the manufacture of
catalytic converters.

Interestingly, governments are still buying gold as if it were going out of style.
Venezuela, Bolivia, Russia, South Korea, Mexico and Thailand have all been major
buyers of gold this year.

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