Gold Rebounds but Still on a Roller-Coaster Ride Reports Pan American Metals of Miami

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Gold Rebounds but Still on a Roller-Coaster Ride Reports Pan American
Metals of Miami

(1888PressRelease) Gold's volatility is not unexpected; likely to continue for a while.
(1888PressRelease) MIAMI, FL - Gold started to rebound after hours yesterday, just as
anticipated, simply the next 'up' stage in the current roller-coaster ride. As predicted, the dip
meant an excellent buying opportunity for many investors, offering the necessary support for a
rebound. What next for gold? For some while now, experienced market analysts have been
forecasting a continuation of the present bullish trend, but accompanied by a greater level of
volatility. Whenever gold pushes through to higher levels, it becomes more vulnerable and - as
news changes and other investments seem less risky - gold will lose out. What we need to
remember is that this is all perfectly normal.

One might be excused for thinking that one's exposure in gold was risky, perhaps even causing
palpitations - not what investors want from a supposed 'safe' investment choice. Nevertheless,
assuming one has owned the yellow metal for more than a few weeks, one has definitely made a
profit. It is easy to forget how rapid gold's rise has been - it is not that many months ago that
breaking through the $1500 barrier was considered amazing news - now we 'expect' gold to
remain over $1900. Investors who are interested in keeping gold bullion as a long-term
investment should not be overly concerned by the current media circus surrounding the relatively
spectacular swings in the market.

"Investors looking for a hedge against inflation, for something that will hold its value when other
equities and stocks may fall, should still have faith in gold bullion," says Bill Hionas, CEO of
Pan American Metals of Miami. "The present volatility is only to be expected following the
nervousness in the marketplace at present and the record highs that gold has been achieving."

Pan American Metals of Miami is located in Miami Beach and has an expert team available to
advise investors on their bullion purchases.

About us:
Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC is a group of traders, investors, brokers and outstanding
account executives who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion.
PAMM provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient
access to both North and South American investors.


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