Golden Dawn Legal Proof

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In this page, we are supporting a political party that with `'Democracy'' was elected by half million people.
Party is `'legally'' in the parliament, so I can not understand why they have to close pages are supporting
this party.

Supporters of this party, are by `'lies'' accused as Neo-Nazis or even racists. The accusation are usually from
supporters/workers of opponent parties that are afraid that a new party in Greece was rised and got
power. Before I continue to write, I want to make clear, the ones that fought against Hitler, Nazism and
German invasion in the World War II in Greece, were the ones shared the same ideas and mind
(ideologically alike) with us. These are, who we are supporting and the party Xrysi Augi took ideas of, from
nationalists that were against Nazism! The political party Xrysi Augi (Golden Dawn), multiple times rejected
the accusation and made clear what are their real thoughts. Still, with fascism some people are trying to
give a name and ideas that are rejected. Above of this text, are some answers on the fake accusations.

1) They say the political party Xrysi Augi (Golden Dawn) have as a symbol the German swastika.
The Truth: They have Meander! Meander is an `'Ancient Greek'' symbol. It symbolizes the `'Victory'' and
the `'Unity''! Many of our Ancient Monuments and paints have Meander, as also is an art that decorates
the parliament inside and many courts. Here is what Wikipedia says about Meander By comparing the two symbols, everyone can see that
is far away from being a `'swastika''. The political party supports everything is traditionally Greek and we do
not like ruin the reputation of Ancient, Holy to us, symbols. It is clear that accusation is not valid.

2) They say that the members of the political party Xrysi Augi are having a Nazi salute.
The Truth: The salute with the right hand tense is Ancient Greek. It is a Dorian salute and the explanation is
that is a salute to the sun. It was from the Greek clan of the Dorians (later on Greek Macedonians, Spartans
etc.) and it was used later by Greeks to salute their leaders etc. Later on in history, it was used during the
Roman Age as a salute. Also, it was used later, by the Greek leader Ioannis Metaxas (1936) that said the
Heroic and famous in Greece `'NO'' (OXI), to the AXIS powers and fought the Nazis. It was a military salute.
Xrysi Augi, as a nationalist party adopted the army salute of Ioannis Metaxas and even a bigger reason, that
it is Ancient Greek, as the ideologically-alike (Ioannis Metaxas) of the political party did in the past. We
want to remind, that Nazis not only saluted, but also said `'Hi, Hitler'', something it never was or will be in
Xrysi Augi.
Here are some pictures, of paintings and monuments of the Ancient Greek salute as also of Ioannis Metaxas
(last picture) in 1936. Everyone can search, can see clearly find that this accusation can not be valid.

3) They call the member of the political party rascists and are against immigrants.
The Truth: The political party Xrysi Augi wants to be done, olny what the `'law''says. Because of the big
criminality by `'illegal'' immigrants in Greece, they want, the ones that are illegal and have no permission to
stay, to be sent back. But only in the limits of the law. There is nowhere that can be found that this political
party is against legal immigrant people in Greece. Also this accusation is not valid.

I think, what you read, are only few of the things that are clearly prove that accusations are not valid and
are without proofs, by haters, as every party has. We hope `'Democracy'' we support so much, will rise and
we can writte freely our oppinions.

Thank you.