Google+’s Secret Weapon Versus Facebook and Twitter

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21/11/2011 07:36
Google+'s Secret Weapon Versus Facebook
and Twitter
Google+'s Secret Weapon Versus Facebook
a brilliant ability to make a guitar seemingly sing
and Twitter
backup to that powerful voice of hers.
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How can one person be a secret weapon that could
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move the masses to take a second or third look at
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Google+? Masterful use of supporting tools and fea-
tures, and leveraging a platform that doesn't pander
solely to mainstream celebrities. Google+ is truly a
platform where anyone who wants to work hard
can succeed. Daria Musk is living proof of that.
The Tools
Google, and the Google+ team specifically, have
methodically rolled out supporting features, that
together revolutionize the way we interact on-
line. Twitter gave us the 140 character brain dump,
Facebook gave us the social graph, and Google+ has
given us the action engine.
Daria Musk has amassed over 24,000 followers on
Google+, using those tools. She released a song called
The proliferation of platforms such as Facebook
"+1 Me" that catered to users of Google+.
and Twitter come mostly from success stories, and
cross-over events with mainstream media. Once
Google Hangouts
CNN started using tweets during live broadcasts, the
platform was cemented in our minds as a destination
Using the live video platform from Google+, Han-
to discover topical trends and real-time conversa-
gouts, Musk has been able to play hours of live music
tion. Once Facebook became a strong piece of Barack
for an always changing audience. Consider what a
Obama's presidential campaign, we knew that the
musician has to do early on in their career to have
social network bohemeth wasn't going anywhere.
even a handful of people listen to them play. Tours
all over the U.S., uncomfortable dive bars, singing
Google+ came along, a little bit late to the game. A
third and fourth in line to an opening act that no-
lot late, actually. Google's service has a thing or two
body has ever heard of, and above all else, lack of
up its sleeve, though.
money to pull all of this off.
One of those secret weapons is Daria Musk. A mu-
Google Hangouts makes all of this free. Sure, its not
sician small in stature, with a powerful voice and
the first live video platform, but its the first plat-
ed with
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21/11/2011 07:36
Google+'s Secret Weapon Versus Facebook and Twitter
form to have a social networking machine behind
lowing into and actually turn her passion and talents
it. At any given moment of the day, Daria can play
into a career.
a "show" for hundreds of people over a period of
an hour. Facebook has an integration with Skype,
Google+ Has A Long Way To Go
which only works for one-on-one conversations,
and Twitter requires you to tweet out links to fol-
Google+ still has a long way to go. Since the company
lowers, with little hope that even a quarter of them
doesn't have to figure out a business model for the
will see it.
platform anytime soon, the team can innovate and
listen to its users needs. Twitter is at a crossroads
Photos, Videos, and More
where every feature they introduce has to somehow
set up the company for a future revenue stream.
With Google+, Daria Musk is able to share YouTube
Facebook is also making many tweaks to learn more
videos of her performances, share photos from
about you to make its ads smarter.
when she did a live Hangout in Washington D.C.,
and more. The Google+ platform has an uncanny
Google+ is clean, focuses on people and content,
ability to let you embed everything into a stream,
and has found a hole in the defense of other social
without it feeling out-of-place. When I use Facebook
networks that it can drive a truck right through.
and someone pumps outside content into it, it seems
Musk is living proof that Google is building a service
like a nuisance to interact with it at times. Google+
around people, which is the smart thing to do. The
has created a beautifully designed platform with all
company is paying attention to usage patterns and
key features fully embedded and seamless.
success stories like Musk's, and putting the pedal to
the metal on bringing more and more useful features
Google Music
to its forty million plus users.
Google+ Can Win
With tools and features that don't take a lot of figu-
ring out or technical knowledge to master, artists
like Daria Musk can take control of their own ca-
reer from A-Z. From selling music, to distribution of
music, to serendipitous shared content and searches,
and live concerts, Google+ is the only social network
that can become a user's "home".
Facebook and Twitter are machines where people
are small pieces of data that make up the network.
Google+ on the other hand focuses on the discovery
of people and content, making the people the plat-
form. It's a huge advantage, and its secret weapon.
With the announcement of Google Music, and more
importantly Artists Hub, Musk now has a platform
If Daria Musk can build a budding music career
that she can feed her hard work and newfound fol-
using the Google+ platform, what can you do with
it? You could share educational materials, do live art
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21/11/2011 07:36
Google+'s Secret Weapon Versus Facebook and Twitter
events, raise money for charity, read poetry, or wha-
tever niche you want to build for yourself. Google+
provides tools that give you limitless capabilities.
Facebook prides itself on astronomical num-
bers for "time on site", but since Google has tools
like search, YouTube, Music, and now Google+, you'll
be hard-pressed to find one place where everything
can come together so seamlessly.
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